Month: July 2019

Bubbles in Market Prices and Rentals for Homes in Western Countries

The drastic increase in real-value prices for residential use in relation to the reduced growth of disposable household income in the Western countries always creates imbalances in these real estate markets. Such imbalances are called ‘bubbles’ and are very dangerous if no corrective action is taken not only for the markets in which they are

The Future in the Development in Human Resources

New technological developments require from employees to have new skills and, of course, new knowledge in order to be able to adapt quickly to the required skills of their work which are constantly being developed and altered. The challenges facing companies that believe that human resources are the main driving force of a company to

The New Industry of Space Tourism

Innovative projects of pioneer billionaires such as Sir Richard Branson, Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos on the conquest of space seem to have matured even though they have not yet been implemented. Since the time of the American Neil Armstrong, the first man to set foot on the moon, the idea of conquest space has

Libra (Facebook) vs Global Financial System

Facebook announced on June 18, 2019 its plan for Libra-a global digital currency that will be introduced into circulation in 2020. Libra is based on blockchain technology. Blockchain technology enables those who use it to be able to organize an independent, self-regulated and closed market of regardless of-sized transactions without the need for control by

Blockchain and STO’s in EU

The global financial crisis of 2008, apart from the structural upheavals it has caused to the banking and general financial system of the US and the EU respectively, has led as much the economies as the incomes of overwhelming majority of citizens and businesses to adjust to lower levels of wealth. This new reality made

What Highlights the choices of the New Heads of EU, Commission and ECB

The new force associations that emerged with the results of the recent EU elections on May 26th 2019 led to political consultations and choices for the new presidents of the most critical EU supranational organizations, including the President of the Commission, the President of the European Council of Heads of EU member-countries and the President

War Winds or A New International Agreement on Iran

Once again, we see the winds of war blowing in the countries of the Persian Gulf, preparing the planet for another real tragedy. On Thursday 20/06/2019, US President Donald Trump instructed his country’s military leadership for limited shocks against Iran’s radar bases and missile arrays in response to the shooting down of the US unmanned

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