Running, Cycling or Weights for Longevity

It is a given that any type of exercise every person does is good for their health, but a recently published study from Sweden in the Journal of Applied Physiology shows that strength training, such as cycling or running, is more beneficial to human health compared to with resistance training (weight lifting or exercises with rubber bands and resistance).

The above conclusion of the researchers was based on the fact that mitochondria, often called the energy stores of cells, when they have increased activity, which is achieved after exercise, can help improve overall metabolic health.

Good metabolic health means optimal levels of blood sugar, cholesterol, blood pressure and waist circumference respectively. In contrast, poor metabolism leads to heart disease, diabetes and stroke. This is the reason why intense physical activity is recommended, strength training.

Researchers at Kasolinska University Hospital, Linkoping University in Sweden, demonstrated the above findings by concluding that strength training stimulates circulating levels of certain mitochondrial-derived peptides, which increase life expectancy through the good metabolism they achieve in the body.

However, they did not find the same results in the case of exercise with weights or with rubber bands and resistances. So they suggest that we be active and in constant motion.

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