Climate Change is Due to the Action of the Sun and Not to Carbon Dioxide Emissions

There are many problems and controversies regarding the equations and algorithms used by scientists working for the UN to predict the impending catastrophes caused by “human” climate change. (For more information on the issue of UN scientists’ challenge, read the analysis entitled “Scientific Prediction Models for Global Warming are Problematic“).

UN scientists’ models of climate change predicted that sea levels would rise by seven meters due to melting ice at the North and South Poles by 2014 respectively.

Sun Flares and Sunspots

At the same time, however, the recent UN report (please read the analysis entitled “IPCC-AR6 Climate Change 2021: UN Climate Change Report“) refers to model forecasts where the average earth temperature will rise by two degrees Celsius. (15οC => 17οC) due to atmospheric carbon dioxide emissions. In practice, however, the increase in atmospheric carbon dioxide is of the size of 0.003%.

For more than five years NASA scientists (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) ( ) & της ESA (European Space Agency) and the directors of observatories around the world argue that climate change is due to the behavior of the Sun’s magnetic field.

With the help of solar satellites e.g., like ESA’s Parker Solar Probe and Soho, helio-geophysicists have recorded two elements:

1) That the magnetic energy responsible for creating the solar corona and solar winds flows faster.

2) The most frequent changes in the structure and dynamics of the magnetic plasma.

The Magnetic Field of the Sun

The frequency and increase in the number of explosions that take place on the surface of the sun indicates the tendency of the magnetic field, affecting the temperature on the earth. The more explosions we have on the surface of the sun, the higher the temperatures on earth and vice versa.

Graph fromt he website

The diagram above shows the total of 400 years of observations of sunspots and how they relate to temperatures on Earth. We observe that we have Maunder Minimum period, Dalton Minimum Period and Modern Maximum period.

When the number of solar flares is zeroed for certain periods of time (e.g., Maunder Minimum-Minimum Ice Age (1600-1700) see Graph), then the average earth temperature decreases by 2 degrees Calcium.

NASA and ESA scientists, based on their data, predict that such a period of cold will occur during the decade we are going through, and its end will last from 2050 to 2100.

Essentially, these scientists are telling us that global warming is not due to rising carbon dioxide emissions against UN scientists. They simply attribute it to the Sun. In other words, to combat the greenhouse effect, the solar eruptions of the Sun must stop.

How the Sun’s Magnetic Field Affects Temperature on Earth

The answer to this question is given by the interpolation of a stellar cosmic powder full of 10Be isotope that does not exist on Earth but is interposed between the sun and the earth.

This cosmic dust acts as a veil that prevents the Sun’s rays from warming the Earth. In this way the average earth temperature fluctuates. This cosmic dust has been certified by the Hubble Space Telescope. In this way the earth goes through glacial and post-glacial periods or not.

Hubble Space telescope

The Magnetic Field of the Sun and the Climate Change

When the magnetic field of the Sun is activated, the sunspots appear, which then create the solar winds, which then scatter/dilute the lactic dust that exists between the Sun and the Earth. Then the average temperature on Earth increases (1740-1790), (1840-1870) and (1960-2005).

This cosmic dust reaches the Earth daily. It is lost at sea and on land but is preserved at the North and South Poles and in Greenland. Studies in Greenland show the relationship between cosmic dust and solar flares and fluctuations in the average earth temperature.

All our telescopes and aerospace studies show that climate change is related to the behavior of the solar magnetic field, in which man can not intervene.

The period during which the rivers in Europe froze is like the period we are going through today until 2100. During this period that will last 50-90 years, the average temperature of the earth is expected to decrease by 2nd C.

It is very likely that this trend of frenzy over global warming and climate change caused by human intervention will be a beautiful tale (like the one where computers all over the world will go out with the entry of the year 2000 (from 1999 to 2000) doing then the world is running to replace its computers with new ones) hiding the trend for dizzying transfer of wealth from certain industries of fuel and energy production from mineral raw materials to other types of industries (high technology & RES) with dire consequences in the global economy to hit China and all other countries using lignite for energy production. China has the largest lignite reserves in the world. If it stops using it, its economy will fall into a deep recession.

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