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The Split of NATO members

NATO’s seventy years birthday will be celebrated at the London summit in December, but not in a festive atmosphere as it will appropriate and given the criticism of French President Emmanuel Macron as to how he sees NATO’s function. Of course, President Macron particular criticism that NATO is “brain-dead” is based on the ever-increasing autonomy

The future of the EU without the UK and the consequences for EU

The UK’s secession from the EU is an essential and huge-dimensional blow at both geopolitical and geo-strategic levels for the EU. The EU losing its ranks in the UK is essentially losing a member-country with a highly developed economy and a commercial capability that has one of the three most developed global financial systems, which

The proper reforms for a robust Social Security-Pension system in France

The President of France Emmanuel Macron after he managed to bypass the “obstacle” of the yellow vests, he is now confronted with the greatest challenge of his presidency which will largely judge and renew his term of office in the Presidency of France. The acceptance by the social partners of the French government’s proposed reforms

Blockchain and STO’s in EU

The global financial crisis of 2008, apart from the structural upheavals it has caused to the banking and general financial system of the US and the EU respectively, has led as much the economies as the incomes of overwhelming majority of citizens and businesses to adjust to lower levels of wealth. This new reality made

What Highlights the choices of the New Heads of EU, Commission and ECB

The new force associations that emerged with the results of the recent EU elections on May 26th 2019 led to political consultations and choices for the new presidents of the most critical EU supranational organizations, including the President of the Commission, the President of the European Council of Heads of EU member-countries and the President
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