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Bolivia’s New Socialist President in Long-Term Balance Exercise

The economist and former Finance Minister Luis Arce with his party ΜAS (Movement for Socialism) and his political alliances ISPS, received 54.5% in «Bolivia’s crucial presidential elections» of 18th October 2020 and was elected New President of Bolivia from the first round dominating the Bolivian political scene for years to come. Luis Arce was the

Bolivia: Crucial Presidential Elections

For Bolivia, the Covid-19 pandemic is only one part of the turmoil that has been taking place in this country over the past year; this annual cycle of turmoil consists of a contentious election showdown, deadly looting, the overthrow of the country’s first indigenous President in a coup as his followers claim, the rise to

Bolivia: The Hybrid Coup and the problems that require urgent solutions

The resigning President of Bolivia Juan Evo Morales Αyma (2006-2019), he escaped from Bolivia, having primarily secured political asylum in Mexico and promising his followers that he would return to the country stronger despite the “coup” that the army did with the opposition  and always according to the words of Evo Morales. The army did
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