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A short biography about the Founder of the Liberal Globe


Athanassios S. Chonthrogiannis (short name, Thanos) is an Economist. His work experience moves in a wide professional field between managerial and advisory roles. He started his career as a Quantitative-Fixed Income Analyst in Global Capital Markets in Commerzbank AG London (U.K.). He then worked as an Option Trader (junior), as a Financial Analyst and Fund Manager in Mutual Funds industry, as Strategic Planning Analyst in Energy sector, as a Project Controller in the Shipyard Building industry (Merchant & Military vessels equally) and as Chief Economist in Real Estate Investments. He possesses an Economist License in Greece since 2003 and a B Class Accounting License. He is registered in Economic Chamber of Greece with No.Registration 0069786. He holds a degree in BSc(Econ) in Financial Economics, Birkbeck College, University of London and a postgraduate degree in MSc in Economics & Finance, University of Warwick. Currently, he is an economist-researcher in the fields of economic research/business planning and strategic planning and he is the CEO of the Trust Economics. Trust Economics is a specialized independent economic research, analysis & consultancy business (https://trusteconomics.eu).

He is the author of the books titled:

  • “A Development Plan for the Greek Economy & A New Strategy to Boost Growth in Eurozone”
  • “Purchases, Sales, Investments and Property Portfolio Management”

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