Freedom in the US in the “Judicial Executive Detachment”

The announcement of the decision of the US Supreme Court, which abolishes the right to abortion, marks an unprecedented setback for a society that was a pioneer in securing democratic freedoms and rights. Thirteen states are ready to ban abortions by drafting legislation, with about as many more to follow later, directly affecting the lives of millions of women. The court had upheld the right to abortion, by a vote of 7-2, in 1973.

Three of the majority judges on Friday, July 24, were appointed by Donald Trump. This escalates an attack on rights and freedoms in the United States that began decades ago. And what is happening in the US has a direct and strong impact on the rest of the world. When conservative American activists cut funding for services they do not approve of in foreign countries, and when between 2009 and 2018 US conservative organizations sent $ 81.3 million to European countries to fight for freedoms and rights (Source: European Parliamentary Forum for Sexual and Reproductive Rights,

“The Supreme Court today abolished a constitutional right of the American people. They did not restrict it, they abolished it. This has never happened before in a matter so important to so many Americans. And yet they did. It is a sad day for the court and for the country”, said US President Joe Biden. Continuing, the US President also stated that “the decision is the culmination of a conscious effort of decades to upset the balance of our country.”

This campaign includes the appointment of judges who support the attack on freedoms. It is also based on the efforts of Republican politicians to map out constituencies and introduce procedures that restrict the right to vote. In many areas, Republican candidates are being elected even though their opponents are gaining more votes. In this way, they implement policies that abolish rights, undermine public services, reduce taxes on the rich.

This effort was started by John C. Calhoun, a South Carolina senator and 7th President of the United States, who ruled the American South from 1820 to 1850. Believing that he and other rich people were threatened by the masses, he devised “constitutional tools” to limit the functioning of government. It was continued by economist James Buchanan who focused this struggle against government intervention. In collaboration with tycoon Charles Koch, Buchanan “focused on such insults” against the capitalists as ecological sensitivities, public health and welfare, expressing enthusiasm for the dismantling of social security, medicaid & medicare, as well as public Feminism had to be abolished because it was considered a socialist project.

The leaders of this operation understood that they had to control justice and have organizations that would push for seemingly small steps using economic and political arguments so that the ultimate goal could not be discerned. Organizations such as the Federalist Society secured the appointment of a large number of judges, including the Supreme Court. Other organizations, such as the American Legislative Exchange Commission, the Heritage Foundation and the Alliance Defending Freedom, are contributing to the fight against liberal democracy. From the ruling that guaranteed the right to abortion, “the Εvangelists” campaign began – with millions of voters behind them – against abortion, against gay rights and so on.

The Republican Party has adopted this policy as its main policy. The presidency of Donald Trump has allowed the appointment of three of the nine members of the Supreme Court (please read the analysis titled “Hard Conservatism and Its Ideological Extremism Regress American Society“), resulting in a decision that abolishes the right of women to self-determination, but also the recent abolition of the right of States to restrict gun ownership and use.

These two decisions are contrary to the opinion of the majority of citizens. But that does not deter the court, nor Republican politicians, nor activists fighting for rights. Political and social polarization in the United States will continue to peak, with midterm elections next November threatening Republicans to take control of Congress (please read the analysis titled “Democrats Risk losing the November Midterm Elections“). In this case, the US will sink into introversion, at a time when the planet is facing many crises at once. And because what is happening in the United States has a direct impact on the rest of the world, rights that have been held for many years will be called into question. Friday, June 24, 2022 was a dark day for freedom around the world.

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