Turkey is blackmailing NATO against Greece and Israel

Senior officials from Turkey, France, Germany, the United Kingdom and the United States met in Berlin last Tuesday as part of preparations for the NATO Summit (June 29-30) to try to resolve the issue created by Turkey by blocking the entry of Sweden and Finland into the Alliance.

Diplomatic information is highly revealing. Turkey, through President Recep Tayip Erdogan’s Ibrahim Kalin, has, in essence, clarified the blackmail: If you want to say yes to your wishes, then you must satisfy us in what we are asking for, in which Aegean (Greece) and Eastern Mediterranean (Israel). How else to interpret the leak of the Turks that the Aegean and the Eastern Mediterranean were “discussed” in a meeting on the issue of the accession of Sweden and Finland?

Present were US National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan, German Chancellor’s Special Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Jens Plotner, UK National Security Adviser Steven Lavgrov and Director of the Office for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy , Philip Herrera.

Turkey used this meeting to declare that it will not go back to the Aegean and the eastern Mediterranean. In other words, he essentially told Greece common allies that Turkey owns control of half of the Aegean (25th meridian) and all the sea in the eastern Mediterranean (wanting to take Israel’s place in control of the Middle East and the Eastern Mediterranean), in the way that the map of the “Blue Homeland” (Mavi Vatan) records. He is not going to back down on them.

Turkey calls these “legal rights”. When an objection is raised to the legality of the allegations, it declares itself to be an authentic interpreter of international law, refusing to have its position judged by any neutral third party. A position which includes the claim that the islands are not entitled to sea zones beyond the territorial waters of six nautical miles. He applied it in practice in the case of the illegal Turkish-Libyan Memorandum, which involved an island the size of Crete!

At the same time, on an almost daily basis, threats are made against the Greeks that they will be thrown into the sea and “will suffer what their ancestors suffered”, that is, they will be slaughtered. In phraseology even worse than the rhetoric of Nazi Germany when the issue of Sweden arose, whose “diplomatic settlement” has gone down in history as a negative characterization of the policy of appeasement.

But this is the policy pursued today by the Alliance and even to the detriment of a member state, Greece, from another member state whose tolerant ideological and practical similarities with Nazi Germany (Turkey) are tolerated.

NATO must be aware that it is approaching a military conflict between its two members, in which Greece will not hesitate to enter to defend its sovereignty and sovereign rights. The inadequacy of appeasing an adversary who appears to be “suffocating” geographically, like Hitler in the past, can not be used solely to try to justify Ukraine’s support after the Russian invasion.

NATO must take a clear position. Stoltenberg’s stupid diplomacy, instead of strengthening the Alliance, affects it, as it “hides” the problems, it does not face them.

It is unacceptable for NATO to passively hear the unequivocal condemnation of terrorism by the Turks. Because in essence they are tantamount to the Alliance accepting the charge of fostering terrorism! And when there is no answer to this, Ankara’s Islamo-fascism is legitimized to classify anyone it wishes as a terrorist.

Behind closed doors, the allies can assure Greece that they realize that the real borders of the western world are in the Aegean. But this is not enough, especially when NATO’s famous “Article 5” is only activated when the threat to a Member State’s territorial integrity comes from a country outside the alliance. The source of concern should be the ignorant silence of the USA, and therefore of NATO on the right or not of Greece to defend islands which even by name is claimed by Turkey.

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