The Far-right Ideology and How it creates Violent Terror

The recent shock caused to global public opinion by the terrorist attack in New Zealand’s Christchurch city on Friday 15/03/2019, outside from the grief for the large number victims and wounded that caused a terrorist-«lone wolf», sets some crucial importance questions in world community that seek direct answers.

How, until that day of mayhem, a peaceful and mid-to low-income young man is changing into a far-right extremist and violent terrorist? What is this ideology that permeates the psychosynthesis of a man to cause so much pain in society that lives and generally in global society? What needs to be done and what policies must be implemented by all Governments and citizens in general with a view to If not to completely disappear such violent phenomena at least to minimize and be scarce in their incidence?  

by Thanos S. Chonthrogiannis-

In our present analysis we will respond to all these questions in detail in order to present and suggest for implementation appropriate policies for the definitive resolution of such types of criminal acts that wrapped with an ideology. Today we know that in Europe and in the world in general there is a plethora of extreme right-wing groups that often illegally promote criminal acts.

The “Birth” of the Extreme Right Ideology

The History of the Extreme Right ideology, mainly in Europe, is not recent nor owes its birth during the 20th Century. Quite Simply in the first half of 20th Century made the momentum of the comeback leading to the World War II (WWII).

Its first political appearance takes place with the outbreak of the French Revolution (1789-1799) in 18th Century. It was the French Revolution that politically shocked Europe and the world in general, because for the first time a large majority of citizens of a structured society have been violently claiming justice, equality which should accompanied by social and civil liberties. 

In Fact, the French Revolution is a class struggle for freedom and recognition of rights that takes place between the oppressed poor and emerging income social and professional classes respectively with the then establishment French Society-the French aristocracy/elite that supports the institution of monarchy.

In this social struggle in French society, the then establishment of nobility through some French nobles, in his attempt to migrate the arguments of his opponents in order to protect their own social order and privileges in society based on their inheritance wealth and their titles of nobility respectively, and at the same time to reduce the claimed rights demanded by the emerging professional classes (on this wealth produced these emerging professional classes called for the recognition of their rights) presents a different theory which then acquires the form of ideology.

Based on this theory that was said by the then French nobles and rulers was reprehensible, immoral any wealth that originated from the actions of trade. They arrived at the point of saying that the wealth that comes from trade, crafts etc. is sinful. Their aim was to strike the power given by the generated wealth of professional order of merchants, craftsmen, etc. who produced the new wealth in society.

Moreover, because the aristocracy and the monarchy had the church on its side, these French nobles were being bullied that the abolition of religion was disrespectful while radical ideas in a society should be eliminated because they lead society in a disaster.

As a counter-argument to the demands, arguments and more generally the values proposed by the French rebels, the French aristocracy set as the cornerstone of its theory and its proposals the return of society to its traditional values which are based on the following three values:

1. In origin,

2. In “blood” (a homeland-ethnicity for those who have the same origin and the same “blood”-race)

3. and faith (in the same) God.

This theory was also the first operative nucleus of the Extreme Right ideology in Europe and generally in the world.

At the same time, it should be noted that the French perception and tradition of the theory of achieving freedom in society and the creation of political institutions that serve the beneficial functioning of a free society is based on spontaneous pursuit of people to achieve a collective purpose. Thus, the French tradition of freedom imposed after the French Revolution favors a dictated intentional of planning to achieve the ideal form of laws and political institutions in a society. He trusts the objective to be attained by an exclusive and valid plan from above.

Followers of this tradition are Descartes (whose views have permeated the French enlightenment), which his model had the Lycurgus of ancient Sparta/Greece. According to Descartes, the primacy of the laws of ancient Sparta were due to the mere fact that they came from a single person-Lycurgus-and were imposed overall of the then Spartan society.

Ignoring, however, Descartes and his followers that all the laws of ancient Sparta indicated in a single purpose, namely the sacrifice of the individual (individual freedom) in favor of the glory of the city-state/Sparta (the basis of the ideology of fascism and Extreme right). Other followers of this French tradition were Rousseau, the naturalists and the British William Cod Win, Jefferson, Price Etc.

The fact that ancient Sparta (Lacedemonian) was a highly military regime and a source of inspiration for the extreme right ideology is evidenced by the fact that the greeting of all right-wing parties is based on the greeting of the ancient Spartans. It is the so-called greeting to God Sun, with outstretched hand and united in straight fingers of the palm and always in a straight line the extension of the hand with the shoulder of the body.

Then, this greeting was adopted by the Roman Legions because the Romans believed that only they were the only worthy heirs of this tremendous tribe of warriors-the Spartans. Then the Fascist Party of Italy (20th century) adopted this greeting-believing that they are the worthy continuers of the Roman Empire. The Greek fascists as much in the decade of 30’s (20th century) as today use the same greeting since as Greeks their origin comes from the Ancient Spartans.

Also, the National Socialist (Nazi) Party of Germany (20th century) adopted this greeting because they said and believed that the ancient Spartans were northerners European-German Leaves, the so-called Dorians in antiquity from whom and not only attracted their origin the ancient Greeks, who descended from the Cold North of Europe and settled permanently in the warm southern Greece and specifically in Sparta.

Political doctrines such as socialism, the national-socialism, fascism, communism and other origins of authoritarian democracy are purely based on the French perception and tradition of freedom and the creation of institutions that serve freedom in society.

For the reader who wants to learn more about the difference between the two main models of state and generally traditions of freedom and political institutions serving freedom in a society and prevail in today’s world should read the analysis titled «The “Injured” Liberal Democracy in Europe and the Retreat of the Liberal Democracy Model as a Governance Instrument-Part II» posted in on 07/03/2019, category: politics.

March on Rome 1922, Mussolini
This photo by Author: Unknown, licensed public domain
Source: Illustrazione Italliana, 1922, n.45

The course of the Extreme-Right Ideology in Europe

In the next, 19th century, the Extreme-Right ideology was in a partial recession in Europe. But in the 20th century and especially in the first fifty years it reappeared dynamically in Europe.

Its first dynamic appearance is with the Italian Fascism that emerged as ideology by the National Unionism and as a rival ideology against the Communist ideology that conquered and prevailed in Russia. The second dynamic of the return of the Extreme-Right ideology is done with the German Nazism that emerged from the National-Socialism. The differences between these two right-wing ideologies are because Fascism is defined as the sacrifice of the individual (of individual freedom and that this implies) for the benefit of the state. That is, the state above all and all.

On the other hand, Nazism is defined as the sacrifice of the individual (individual freedom and that this implies) for the benefit of the race-“blood”. So, the race above all and all. Nazism, besides being an extreme right-wing ideology, is at the same time highly racist ideology because it is based on the supremacy of the race and people.

This ideology-Nazism is concentrated in the well-known book “Mein Kampf” by Austrian Adolf Hitler and subsequent leader of the German National Socialist Labour Party (Nazi) and Chancellor (Fuhrer) of Nazi Germany (1933-1945). This book was published in 1925.

These two extreme right-wing ideologies have found fertile ground to develop in their respective societies and in general have been fanatical supporters throughout the European continent due to the severe economic crisis that erupted in Europe in the 1930s. Mainly in Italy and Germany and more generally in Europe and this economic crisis came as a consequence of the Great Krach (bankruptcy) of 1929 in the USA.

Most of the supporters of fascism and Nazism respectively came from the economically impoverished working classes of the societies of Europe. As a result, the elites of European societies followed these two very powerful Far-right ideological currents that then ‘ conquered ‘ the European continent. Both these extreme right-wing ideologies-fascism and Nazism-led to the WWII.

Many scholars considered that this book “Mein Kampf” appeared as a “rival awe” of another book that also promotes religious and racial-style racist ideology. This book has title «Praktiksher Idealismus» with author the Austrian Earl R.N. Coudenhove Kalergi published in Vienna, Austria in 1925. The Austrian Earl R.N. Coudenhove Kalergi and author of this book is considered by several as the father of the modern European Union.

In summary, we will mention that in this book (Source: web-site: reference is made to the fact that the inhabitants of the future ‘United States of Europe’ will not be the people of Europe, as we have known them, but a kind of subhuman that will result from a mixed cross (intercourse). These sub humans to emerge should the peoples of Europe cross with Asian and coloured races (tribes), to display a multinational flock of people without quality, memory, history and culture and easily controlled by the ruling class-elite of future Europe. This book is against the self-determination of European peoples. This is the future ruling class-elite of Europe will be the Jewish spiritual elite. 

Both the books from above, both “Mein Kampf” of the Austrian Adolf Hitler and the «Praktisher Idealismus» of the Austrian Earl R.N. Coudenhove Kalergi, are the only books prohibited to be issued in Germany. These two racist content books are believed to have led and fed the Nazis to exterminate, after their rise to power and during WWII, any European intellectual elite and provoke the Holocaust of Europe’s citizens that took place in the concentration camps of Nazi Germany and especially the Holocaust of European citizens with a Jewish creed.

WWII, Europe, Germany, “Nazi” Hierarchy, Hitler, Goering, Goebbels, Hess, The Desperate Years
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Source: US National Archives and Records Administration

The modern Anglo-Saxon Extreme Right Ideology

After the end of the WWII and specific members of the SS (SchutzStaffel) of Nazi and always based on the content of the above book «Praktisher Idealismus» of the Austrian Earl R.N. Coudenhove Kalergi, they argued that the European Continent was under the occupation of the “Negroes”-redetermination as Negroes the American soldiers and the “Mongols”-redetermination respectively as Mongols the Russian soldiers.

The aim of this new Anglo-Saxon type of extreme right-wing ideology and as it was intended to liberate Europe from this “occupation” through a “new resistance struggle” that the white tribe should conduct. This ideology passed across the Atlantic Ocean and was expressed in the US through right-wing and racist organizations, which wanted to “liberate” the territories of the Southern states of the United States from non-white citizens respectively.

At the same time, the Anglo-Saxon extreme right now feeds its ideology from the same argument but that today it uses the argument that Europe is being destroyed by the continuous “colonization” carried out by the African and Asian origin of migrants. They therefore use any immigration policy in Europe to “spur” the citizens of Europe with their arguments.

In this way they succeed to throw any “blame” of the economic crisis and existing unemployment on the migrants. Simultaneously, they invoke that this whole plan is a conspiracy of the Jews redetermination and use as the basis of this conspiracy the modern application of the contents of the book «Praktisher Idealismus» of the Austrian Earl R.N. Coudenhove Kalergi who the author of this book was not a Jew in creed.

A careful examination of the manifesto of this serial killer who scattered death in the city. Christchurch of New Zealand (15/3/2019), mentions the title “The Great Substitution” which refers to a “white genocide” that exists in Europe and generally in the world. This white genocide and this phraseology of “white superiority” is used by the modern Anglo-Saxon extreme right and is the new wave of terror in the Western Hemisphere.    

From this ideology of “white genocide” which for the far-right means the reduction of the white population in both the white and world countries and which is taken part today and always on the basis of the Anglo-Saxon far-right ideology through the settlement of these countries by immigrants of Asian and African descent, are originated the criminal acts of right-wing organizations against migrants, minorities, anarchists, homosexuals and leftists who invoke as ideology the internationalism and foster immigration policy in their countries.

Such Extreme right-wing movements that invoke the “white genocide” as conspiracy theory and function as anti-jihad movements having many followers, is also the far-right movement of Ident-Arianism or Identitarian movement.

Their symbol is this shape with the Greek letter (Λ) (the corresponding letter in the English language is (L)) and was taken from the shield held by the ancient Spartans in honor of the Battle of Thermopylae, where for the first-time white Europeans repel an Asian army. In Ancient Greek The Spartans called Λακεδαιμόνιοι (Lacedaemonians). This Extreme Right-wing movement is European and North American and is made up of white nationalists and has its origins from France (Source:

The ideology of the modern extreme-right does not find fertile ground in the working classes as it became in the 1930s (20th century) onwards and until the end of the WWII. Today the extreme-right ideology is adopted by young people who because of the economic recession, unemployment, lack of education and the general crisis of values and institutions that appear from time to time in modern societies are “fascinated” by this type of Ideologies and self-identifying with fanaticism themselves not only politically but also consider themselves as “warriors-liberators” who offer, defending with their crimes, in the “white tribe” belonging.

The Logo of Identitarian Generation
This photo by Author: Blacat, adapted by Beyond My Ken (talk)
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The deliberate misconception promoted by the Extreme-Right ideology through its propaganda in modern societies  

The modern political scene “obliges” the extreme right-wing ideology political parties to renounce their relationship with any criminality caused by their ideology by deliberately adopting conservative and nationalist policies and arguments respectively. At the same time the far-right and far-left political parties in a deliberate manner and always through propaganda which is the science of slander and deception, promote the belief that “progressivism-liberalism” is nihilism and amoralism, while “patriotism” is an identical concept to nationalism, chauvinism and populism.

When we say that someone is progressive-liberal it means that they are “pioneers” in the political arena and in general in the area where they operate. He is the one who dares and opens new horizons where everyone else sees dead ends. The progressive-liberal is the follower of search, he is the seeker and lover of the new, not because modernity and change is an obligation for him but when he finds that it turns out that the existing is inadequate and ineffective.

The patriotism, which is the basis of liberalism, is a function of the “cultivation” and the education of man and is identified with his culture. Therefore, patriotism has nothing to do with nationalist ideologies but is dealt with through the arts and culture (language, history, architecture, poetry, painting, technology, etc.) that constitute the “identity” of his country. 

Through the education and culture that man acquires, the “patriot” learns to love and respect not only his own homeland but also to love and respect, respectively, the homelands of others which are expressing peculiarities and different cultures feeling equal and respectful to them. In this way, it learns to accept and respect diversity, while promoting peaceful coexistence everywhere, making respect for human rights, equality and the catalysis of all types of totalitarianism and oppression a primary value.

On the other hand, nationalism has nothing to do with patriotism because it secures and protects national egoism with racist ideologies such as “racial superiority”, “pure blood”, “national greatness”, “biological ablebodiedness” etc. The prime value of nationalism is not freedom but the destruction of all differences, religious, cultural and ethnic, promoting homogeneity in all areas, but imposing the superiority and the predominance of our own national greatness, identity and excellence in confrontation with other nations.

For nationalists, the love of the fatherland translates into admiration for national supremacy, pride in the achievements of the ancestors and the “purity of the nation and race”. It is impossible for them to accept equality between peoples. They consider the other “invaders” who will “infect” the race and the nation through interbreeding creating stereotypes and prejudices in societies. For this reason, nationalists are causing racial-racist conflicts that in many cases lead to criminal acts in their societies.

Nationalism and Racism

The causes that lead to the exacerbation of nationalism and racism are a function of many factors that contribute to the dynamics of the emergence in a given period in society. Main causes are:

1. The lack of real education that real education promotes cultivation and critical thinking in individual (man). Perhaps this is the main cause and the catalytic factor outbreak racism and nationalism in a society. The low educational and intellectual level forms citizens of a society that can be easily manipulated and exploited by another human being and even worse exploited by an idea-obsession.

2. Promotion of the wrong standards of life projected by the media and social networks which are then promoted through family, school, personal and social environment respectively.

3. The exploitation of man by man for profit and interest, e.g. exploitation of blacks by whites, the disappearance of indigenous populations by conquerors and settlers, the persecution and extermination of people due to their religious beliefs (e.g. Jews) etc.

4. The indifference to the point of mockery of competent state and super state bodies and organizations respectively.

5. The lack of exemplary punishment for those responsible for the former racist acts due to inadequate legislation. Many times, the implementation of the proposed legislation is done with choice reminding that no every person is equal when he faces the law and depending on who is the perpetrator and the victim of a racist attack.

The consequences of nationalism and racism in a society

1. It undermines the cornerstone of human civilization, which is humanism.

2. It abolishes the right of diversity which is the basis of enrichment and evolution of culture, since a cultural and multidimensional society has the potential to develop and evolve much more rapidly than a one-dimensional society that does not renewed by new and different.

3. It creates transnational contradictions that can easily lead to war conflicts.

4. It abolishes the right that a society must use for its benefit the dynamics and ability of a community of people of different cultural cultures, since we accept the axiom that every human being has its own value.

5. Gradual isolation of a society that in mathematical accuracy is leading to economic and political stagnation.

The appropriate policies to eradicate racism and nationalism

Societies today do not show for political, economic and other reasons the proper importance of preventing the suppression of racism, while at the same time trying to create the appropriate legislative framework to impose severe penalties for combating racist crime (which is right) but leaving a large gap in the policy of long-term prevention of such phenomena. In summary we will mention the main areas that coordinated political action must take to combat the phenomenon of racism.

1. Education

This sector is the greatest, since concerted action by the Governments of the EU member-states and generally by all the governments of the countries of the world will be able to throw in “lethargy” of any kind of racist movements and extreme right-wing ideologies. More specifically, in each country the educational system from elementary school to high school, students should not be taught a strictly national oriented culture and should not a strictly nationally-oriented regimen.

In this way pupils from an early age learn to familiarize themselves with diversity, to love and respect the culture of their homeland and the culture of other nations and countries. If these pupils and future citizens decide for their own reasons that they do not want to pursue a university education, they will be able to distinguish and respect the different.

Diversity Is projected through learning about many different cultures, history, arts etc.

At the same time, the entire educational system and independently its rank (elementary, gymnasium, lyceum, college etc.) should be continuously promoted the human culture and specifically the most important ideological and cultural human achievement, the safeguarding of human rights.

Simultaneously, the individual understanding the value of human rights he understands the principle of democracy, which is isonomy (each person is equal when he faces the law and the application of law). In turn, isonomy leads to the acceptance of the axiom that every human being has its own value. 

2. Citizens

Citizens should be vigilant and not idle in the face of phenomena and acts of a racist nature. At the same time, each government, through the state bodies that are responsible for the implementation of law and order in society, it must strictly follow all the provisions laid down in the legislation for this type of phenomena and to not idle.

Moreover, in assisting these public law enforcement bodies and order there should be vigilance and denunciation of such phenomena by the competent bodies and organizations, either these bodies and organizations are public or not.

3. Media and social networks

It should be understood to the media that they should not promote racism with a view to the spectacle and profit that comes because of the commercialism of such phenomena. They should promote more “healthy” patterns in the societies that are active.

The social networks that have conquered the world of communication to the new generations should find, through the technology they use (e.g. algorithms, artificial intelligence, etc.), a way to recognize the violent scenes in videos that they are posted by their users and cut off immediately. In this way, one stops trying to become famous through video crimes.

4. Rational and complete implementation of migration policy

When we say rational and full implementation of immigration policy by Governments, I am referring to an immigration policy that can predict, assimilate and limit if it requires any migratory flows in countries and their societies. In other words, a rational type of migration policy that can have tangible and practical results should consider, for example, the number of migrants that can assimilate a society and integrate them into its potential-working population.

Otherwise, any additional migratory flows that cannot be fully integrated into a society will lead to this rate of migrants either in criminality or in the radicalization of their ideas by converting a small percentage of them as a potential problem of “lone wolfs” for the societies that “host” them.

The radicalisation of migrants following the religion of Islam and living in the societies of the Western world is designed to create “lone wolves” among these immigrants and citizens with Islamic creed. Those “lone wolves”-Islamic fundamentalists will then act within these Western societies, causing great danger to the lives of innocent civilians.

The ultimate goal of fanatical and radical Islamists is-through attacks on citizens’ lives in western societies-to shed “oil on fire” and draw the West and more generally Western societies into a bipolar with Islam.

Essentially, they want to provoke the flicker of Western societies, which Western societies-against Islamic fanatics-will be “forced” to reciprocate any strikes that provoke Islamic fundamentalists against the citizens in the Western Societies.

This Western extremism comes through the ideology of the extreme right which is gaining more and more followers in its ranks because of the blind blows that people in Western societies receive from Islamic fanatics, and of course they find it increasingly willing “lone wolves” right-wing to the ideology that will return these blows through their criminal actions-to innocent Muslim citizens living in Western countries.

This type of hit-mass murder seems to be-and always based on the manifesto of the terrorist killer-who took part in the city Christchurch in New Zealand. Such blows are what the Islamic fundamentalists want to do against Muslim citizens in Western societies in order to “legalize” the eyes of Muslims in their blind counter-productive murderous strikes against civilians in the western Societies. A Blind, murderous contributory hit was what took place in the city of Utrecht, Holland (18/03/2019) by an Islamic fanatic, a few days after the hit in New Zealand.

If these Islamic fundamentalists also have the help of adventurers political-leaders of states that exploit the mass murder of civilians, leaving suspicions that this as a Muslim country (Turkey) will punish any murderers for not trusting the legislative system of another Western country (New Zealand, Australia etc.), then these Islamic fundamentalists are encouraged and “legitimize” any contributory murderous blows. 

For a rational and complete implementation of migration policy across the EU and in the US respectively, which responds to all these issues, the reader should read the analyses entitled «The Solutions to the Migration Problem for the EU-Part Ι & ΙΙ» correspondingly which posted in on  18/10/2018, category: social and the analysis with title «The Solutions to the Migration Problem for USA» which posted in on 25/10/2018, category: social.

5. Tightening of arms ownership legislation

The legislation on the possession of weapons should be tightened up and better controlled by persons asking to buy and possess weapons.

With the implementation of the above policies in all the countries of the Western world and not only, will be created the foundations to combat racism in every facet, creating future societies and citizens who can respond with consistency and respect to diversity within the global society.

Thanos S. Chonthrogiannis

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