The New Strategy of the EU for abundance in semiconductors

Semiconductors are a small electronic component used throughout the range of Electronic Systems. The President of the Commission of the European Union Ursula von der Leyen on 15 September 2021 presented the European law that aims to make this prefecture the European Union in the field of semiconductors.

The technological ecosystem of the European Union will include the production, safety, the European Union’s supply and the development of research for innovative European technology. The European Union lags behind its global competitors in Asia and the USA in terms of semiconductor production.

US tech companies import up to 90% of their chips from Taiwan. In case of fragmentation , the blocking of the flow of the commerce from Taiwan would be a threat not only to the economy but also for the US’s own security. This should not happen in Europe as indicated by the President of the European Commission. The European Union should acquire autonomy in production and placing of the semiconductor.

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