China`s Shrewd Diplomacy I

Despite any developments with the announcement of AUKUS alliance, China continues to expand its sphere of influence in Asian continent. This is achieved due in part of the US withdrawal from various regions of the world such as Afghanistan, the Middle East, etc., in order to focus on the field of Indian-Pacific Ocean.

The second reason for the successful expansion of China’s influence spheres it is not just promising funding in all these countries for their participation in the “One Belt-One Road Initiative ». It lies in its shrewed diplomacy that is based on the motto that “we never touch no political situations that prevail in the countries we approach” and that is why China’s position is to not interfering in the internal affairs of these countries.

Naturally this attitude of Chinese diplomacy is welcome only in countries whose political governance model differs from the liberal model of the West, and which the governments in these countries are considered the speeches and suggestions for the respect of human rights and democratic values as external intervention to their internal issues.

Unlike the US, who is defending liberal democracy and human rights and is asking from other countries to make changes and reforms, China does not provide this type of proposals/changes to sell weapons systems to third countries because as the most authoritarian political governance model with strong state interference in its capitalistic system, is completely indifferent to how the countries with which it is approached are ruled, but is interested in safeguarding the national sovereignty and security of these countries and provided that its interests are safeguarded.

This attitude of China has led to a comprehensive strategic commitment – agreement between Saudi Arabia – China on security and stability that fully respect the vision of 2030 representing the Saudi Prince Faisal Bin Farhan.

Given that Saudi Arabia wants – among other things such as cooperation on hydrocarbons, green energy, land trade corridors, technology transfer – to achieve strategic dominance by allocating 50% of its military spending to domestic production to develop a domestic defense industry.

The fact that Saudi Arabia is the leader of the world ranking in the imports of weapon systems holding a global market share of 12%, with the US and the UK are 73% and 13% respectively official suppliers of Saudi Arabia weapon systems, entitles China lurking right and if the President Joe Biden proceed with the cancellation or restriction of sales of US weapon systems to Saudi Arabia, to enter China in Saudi Arabia`s arms market.

The fact that China in the diplomatic field uses variable geometry diplomacy succeeded to reach agreements even among, if not hostile countries, with countries that are considered at least contrary to the interests of China.

With this type of diplomacy China manages to substitute the weaponry dependence of the Persian Gulf countries and Turkey from the US, while at the same time supports Iran to face the West sanctions, managing to become the missing link in these countries that will give them the opportunity to stop any controversies that these countries have between them.

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