The New Arms Market of Nuclear Submarines for Other Countries

Given the crescent armament delivered by China and secondarily Russia, the US to counteract this arms race which in other case would burden their federal government budget and given the generous fiscal support packages so far in the American economy due to the halt of pandemic, chosen through the formation of AUKUS Alliance to equip with their technology their allies such as Australia.

Australia currently has the financial capacity to purchase nuclear-powered submarines. By this way through their allies the US manage to increase their fleet without burdening their federal budget.

The question is why France that is a producer of modern nuclear powered submarines did not agree from the outset in 2016 with Australia to build nuclear-powered submarines and they chosen to produce submarines with conventional propulsion.

Is it because France and the EU in general does not want to spoil their relations with China? The United States has shown through the formation of the AUKUS Alliance and its generous know-how to Australia that it will do what it’s needed to stop the expansionist China. It is proven that the EU has no conflicting interests with China as the US has with China.

If France had proposed the construction of nuclear-powered submarines in Australia from the beginning then it would be today a joint member of the AUKUS alliance and not outside, but this would destroy the relationships of China with France-Germany and of course with the European Union.

The second question that arises is if the US has chosen to expand its nuclear fleet through its Allies, what will the US “rivals” do?

In other words there will be countries such as Turkey, Pakistan, North Korea, Iran, Brazil, Vietnam, India, and Algeria, as requested by countries such as Russia and China and France to buy from them nuclear-powered submarines and ballistic missiles. What if nuclear-powered submarines are acquired by countries that systematically violate human rights? Will the AUKUS alliance stop them?

Essentially, the most choice – which in our opinion is correct – of US to make one of their ally a new nuclear power – Australia – actually creates a new arms market that sell under surface vessels with nuclear powered and ballistic missiles with nuclear warheads.

It is certain that Russia will first baptize every customer in this market as an ally and then will sell it its nuclear technology.

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