Heavy Shadows In The Elderly Care Industry

They are constantly in the spotlight in both Europe and North America (USA, Canada), multiple allegations of elder abuse and misappropriation of their assets.

Recently saw the light of day in Greece, an EU member country, a case of a private care structure for the elderly on the island of Crete (Chania), which was essentially a hell for the elderly whose purpose was supposed to alleviate pain, helplessness, illness, degeneration experienced by the elderly in the face of time and its passage.

Tragic images of tied up, hungry, abused, and helpless people who, in addition to all of them, were also victims of economic exploitation, are constantly being published. At least 76 seniors have died in 16 months.

by Thanos S. Chonthrogiannis

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The Elderly Care Unit in Chania-Crete which was a hell on earth for the elderly
Photo by the website www.ertnews.gr

What appears in the media is that they exploited the elderly in consultation with doctors and therapists, while illegally disposing of their property for their benefit, with the justification of making payments on their behalf.

Unfortunately, the elderly is increasingly devalued in the West, with its members being treated as a burden that the productive and social fabric must “escape” from them.

The Covid-19 pandemic, among other things, has managed to highlight the problem worldwide in nursing homes and nursing homes in general.

EU member states such as Belgium, France, Italy, and Spain are facing dramatic situations in nursing homes, to the detriment of both staff and the elderly.

According to research by the scientific journal Plos One (University College of London) (www.journals.plos.org ) it proves that in the years of economic and health crisis the bad behavior of the staff in the elderly patients increases rapidly. The more the staff felt tired and stressed, the worse the misbehavior against the elderly increased.

In 2009 in France, an EU member state, 14,000 elderly people living in nursing homes died from the heat. In the UK, an open letter to the government from four major organizations presented the problem of nursing homes amid a pandemic.

The Italian Ministry of Health ordered an investigation into the country’s largest nursing home, the Rio Albergo Trivulzio Known as Baggina (est. 1776) in Milan. The management of the nursing home tried to hide more than 100 deaths.

Abandoned Elderly in some Elderly Care Units Photo by the website www.worldofbuzz.com

In nursing homes, people are abandoned to the worst. They cannot see their loved ones, they do not have the most basic personal protective equipment, they are not allowed to go to the hospital, they are asked to sign and cut off from their families.

In the US, the nursing industry is known to make great efforts to reduce costs by harming the elderly. There are many nursing homes that have a serious history of suspicious deaths, torture, systematic abuse, and financial exploitation of the elderly under their care.

In Canada, a country famous for its great welfare state, Prime Minister Justin Trinto said he was shocked and angry after reading the report of the Canadian Armed Forces living in nursing homes in the country and when they tried to help their staff deal with effects on the elderly from Covid-19.

This report shows the problem, given that in nursing homes the deaths of the elderly account for about 80% of the total number of deaths in the country due to Covid-19.

The care of the elderly in the West tests the welfare state which in these cases seems to be absent.

Given that there are no state structures for the care of the elderly, the absence of a strict legal and regulatory framework entitles the private elderly care sector – which the private sector is rushing to fill the gap – to present dangerous pathogens that easily turn into criminal offenses.

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