Russian Justice Anointed Alexei Navalny as an Opposition Leader

The Russian Judiciary, sentencing Alexei Navalny to thirty-two months in prison and transferring him to a labour camp, effectively anointed him as the new leader of the opposition movement. Russia’s lifelong President Vladimir Putin, fully controlling the courts, the police, the official media, and the state in general, can take Alexei Navalny out of the frame of power if he sees fit.

The persistent and at the same time courageous Mr. Alexei Navalny with his attitude to date has forced Vladimir Putin to adopt a defensive attitude towards him, making him the most martyr of the Russian Republic towards liberalism, while turning him into a symbol of resistance.

by Thanos S. Chonthrogiannis

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Alexei Navalny in Russian court
Photo by the website

Alexei Navalny’s matt move to the Russian political chessboard was his voluntary return to Russia after his recovery in Germany.

He then forced Vladimir Putin to act against him spasmodically after first making public a video of the Russian President’s palace in the Black Sea cornering him and forcing him to send him to prison.

After the Court’s decision was announced, Alexei Navalny declared that “Putin will go down in history as a poisoner.”

Alexei Navalny has managed to create a powerful movement that will grow over time. A movement to change and challenge the Putin regime that will swell.

More importantly, however, this movement will be “donated” by young people. Liberal Russian citizens should not forget that “for the sun to turn it takes a lot of work”. Only in this way will new Alexei Navalny appear in the spotlight that will change the flow of Russian political history.

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