Argentina Legalized Abortions

Argentina’s Senate, in a truly historic decision, voted by a majority on Wednesday, December 30, 2020 by a vote of 38 to 29 against, a bill that legalizes abortion until the 14th week of pregnancy and after more than twelve hours of sitting on the issue.

The dominant role of the Catholic Church in Argentine society did not allow Argentine governments to allow abortions except in the event of rape or danger to the mother’s life, and under a law passed since 1921.

Thousands march for changes to abortion law Photo by the website

The strength of Argentine society for this resolution was expressed by thousands of people who had gathered outside the Senate building in Buenos Aires in cries of excitement.

In Latin America as a whole, abortions are only allowed in Cuba, Uruguay, and some parts of Mexico.

It is time for women to decide what they want to do with their bodies. After this resolution, it is certain that all the movements in Latin America that are calling for the reproductive rights of women will be developed and strengthened. 

It is a historic decision that this bill passed by the Argentine Senate because its society is going to another more liberal level.

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