Islam in Europe and Islamophobia

The recent beheading of the French professor by a young Chechen Jihadist as well as the previous knife attack on journalists almost twenty-five days ago, on the occasion of the notorious cartoons of Muhammad, has brought to light that Islam is very difficult to keep up with the Western way of life.

Unfortunately, the Liberal Republic in France and in the EU in general has clearly underestimated the specificity and strength of Islamic identity. Only recently did French President Emmanuel Macron’s new bill (please read the analysis entitled “France: The Adaptation of Religious Believes to the   Requirements of the Republic“) lead things in the right direction to limit jihadist attacks against French society.

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Islam is not just a religion. It is at the same time a legal system that determines the way of life of believers. A legal system that is incompatible with the liberal constitutional principles, legal culture, and morals of Western societies.

Here, however, we see that for the Koran believers living in the West there is a form of contradiction. The believer of the Koran should either violate his faith or violate his obligations (legal or not) as a citizen. The believer of the Koran to continue to live in the societies of the West, he accepts preformally his obligations as a citizen.

For followers of fundamentalist Islam wherever they live in the West the reference point is the Koran and sharia (Islamic law). The Constitution and the laws of the Western state in which the fundamentalist follower of Islam lives are rejected and despised.

Essentially, followers of Fundamentalist Islam are deniers and enemies of the Western way of life, western values and that it stems from them in the form of a legal and moral framework.

The multicultural society of the West

The multicultural society of the West is a product of European values. The ideology of multicultural society is a product of European left-wing voluntarism. “Society will change because some people want to change it.” This is the motto of left-wing voluntarism.

The principle of multicultural identity is since “you can coexist with other cultures as long as you want to”. Multicultural identity is the ultimate refuge of so-called progressivism. Multicultural society is a product of European values. The ones that her defenders accuse of being reactionary.

Feminists could not survive a single day outside the borders of the West, which they simultaneously blame for her manhood and sexism. Arab Muslims have more rights in the territory of the Christian West than their homosexuals and homo-religious people in Muslim countries.

Islamic fundamentalism within the multicultural society of the West

For Islamists, the Western way of life is an enemy, so they are driven into gettification, with their inclusion being only superficial in the Western way of life. The concept of ‘freedom of expression’ is incompatible at least with fundamentalist Islam.

In the EU’s multicultural societies, Islamophobia is fueled by charged cultural contradictions. The problem is that anyone who sees the problem of Islamic terrorism is accused and denounced as racist.

Islamic terrorism has no moral barriers and always tends to overcome any inhibition. Its enemy is all the values of Western civilization. In fact, Islamic terrorism represents an asymmetric threat, ideologically referring to a war of civilizations.

Islamic terrorism is a tool of psychological warfare against the citizens of the West because the pervasive threat lurking in the street and in everyday life turns people into ballasts of fear and in this way destabilases their daily lives.

Actions to suppress and eradicate this phenomenon in Western societies are now in the hands of resolute governments.

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