British Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s Intra-Party Challenge to Power

Labour, the UK Parliamentary Opposition party led by their leader Keir Starmer, looks set to win over UK voters. In a recent poll, 37% of voters believe Keir Starmer would be a better Prime Minister than 30% for Boris Johnson. While this poll favours Labour (53%) against the Tories (47%). 

On the other hand, Keir Starmer gave a helping hand to Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who was facing serious controversy-that was on the verge of rebellion-by his own party when more than a hundred Tory MPs refused to vote for a bill to tackle the coronavirus that would ban the movement of citizens after 10 p.m., saying he would vote for that bill.

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UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson outside 10 Downing Street
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The biggest blow to Boris Johnson’s government is due to the management of the health crisis caused by the Covid-19 pandemic in the UK.

Labour party leader Keir Starmer presented extremely worrying figures on the rate of transmission of the virus in England, particularly in areas under severely restrictive measures. At the same time, he accused the Boris Johnson government of not managing the measures imposed well.

In addition, Keir Starmer said that as a result the British economy is sinking, and the Prime Minister cannot react. These categories were made based on results concerning the hospitality and food sectors which are on the verge of economic collapse and if strict restrictive measures are applied to the movement of citizens.

On the other hand, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, and specifically from the Brexit front, has nothing tangible and encouraging to present to both his party and the British people, which would act as a counterbalance to the Opposition’s accusations of mismanagement of measures to tackle the pandemic.

News from the EU shows that based on current data no trade agreement can be concluded between the UK and the EU.

The “hammering” against Boris Johnson’s Government by both the Opposition and the Coalition will intensify in the coming months if outbreaks and deaths from the pandemic increase and at the same time no state aid is given to the problematic sectors of the economy.

Increasing the budget funds to be used by the Boris Johnson government to boost the economy will widen the deficit in the state budget and increase the UK government’s debt.

This situation will force Boris Johnson’s Government to hold a “tough” position towards the EU which in turn will force the EU not to go ahead with a trade deal with the UK.

The “clouds” are gathering over the Boris Johnson government and it will be difficult to deal with the coming storm in the coming months unless within the next period a reliable vaccine against Covid-19 is found, which will “liberate” not only the Boris Johnson government but other governments around the world.

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