Cruises without Destination

The attempt by airlines to find methods of “livelihood” – given the failure to find a vaccine for Covid-19 pandemic so that passengers and their customers feel safe again to use their services again – has led them to find and implement very good business ideas.

Ideas such as “no-destination flights” first launched by Quanta’s Airlines in which aircraft take off full and land at the same airport without a stopover easily found imitators.

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Cruise Ships in cruises with no Destination from now on
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On the other hand, Singapore Airlines, which is environmentally sensitive and wanting to further reduce the environmental footprint of its aircraft, has implemented another business idea. It turned its ground-loaded aircraft into restaurants, offering citizens the opportunity to dine inside a luxury aircraft.

Another business idea that airlines could implement is the conversion of their aircraft into seminar spaces for interested businesses and professionals.

The same idea of “flights without destination” has been started and adopted by cruise services companies, applying in turn the idea of “cruises without destination”, i.e. ships that will travel without making stopovers and will be constantly on board.

The return will take place at the same port from where the cruise began. As the mandatory protection measures against the Covid-19 will be respected, the occupancy of cruise ships will reach 50%.

This business idea will be successful because cruise ships offer all the services related to the entertainment, holiday, and tourism sectors. They will basically be floating islands. The duration of their journey will be from three to seven days as longer cruise time without stopovers will be very tiring for passengers.

In addition, cruise ships could be converted into seminars and conference spaces for businesses and professionals with seminars that would take place for two to three days.

This service would be preferable to a company because it would enable its employees to get closer together and change their minds while taking part in both the training and entertainment of its employees.

Fortunately, however, and so far, the inhabitants of the cities do not express the desire to travel with their cars without destination because the environmental footprint would be exceptionally large.

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