France: The Adaptation of Religious Believers to the Requirements of the Republic

Emmanuel Macron is the First President of the French Republic to act on the fact that the citizens regardless of the religion they follow are those who, by participating in society, must adapt to the obligations and requirements laid down in the Constitution of France and not the Republic to adapt to their religious beliefs, leaving uncontrolled all those who create “autonomous” religious states within French territory.

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Because of the radical Islam that many French citizens Muslims in the religion follow, French President Emmanuel Macron declared that “Islam is a religion in crisis”, creating a coldness among French voters Muslim in the Religion.

But President Emmanuel Macron with his new bill, which should be a model and adopted by the other EU member countries that have solid Muslim populations on their territories, shows how all those citizens who consider themselves cut off, by religion, from the rest of society should behave.

President Emmanuel Macron in French Parliament,
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The politically correct proposals of the President of France are summarised below:

  • Abolition of consulates on the territory of France.

In this case the powers of the consulates are transferred to the French State, which will now define both the content of the Imams’ education and the content of teaching in Arabic throughout French territory.

  • Any association, club or cultural center which commits acts which, whether or not they are illegal, but both are contrary to the spirit of the Liberal Constitution of the Republic of France, will immediately be declared illegal and dissolved. In this way France will be able to put an end to secret meetings on the teaching of Radical Islam.
  • In addition, home teaching, which to date includes fifty thousand children out of the country’s 12 million children, is abolished.
  • Compulsory presence in a school area from the age of three is required.
  • Abolition of the special hours that existed for women in public swimming pools.
  • Abolition of meals that comply with the typical Muslim religion (Halal meals) offered in schools.
  • The issue of virginity certificates is prohibited, and compulsory marriage measures are abolished and the obligation to religious neutrality becomes law for both the public and private sectors.

This bill now raises the profile of French President Emmanuel Macron across France’s social classes who are concerned about the rise in Islamist attacks in the country.

It should be stressed that this bill is well thought out and drafted so as not to violate the principle of non-discrimination based on religion.

In this way radical Islam is initially restricted, which fanatical Muslims and Muslims in France in general will have to adapt to the new social circumstances, forcing them to take a moderate stance if they want to live in France.

But this bill does not solve the poverty and unemployment problems experienced by large masses of Muslims in France, forcing them into social exclusion by sending them towards delinquency and radical Islam.

The necessary incentives should be given by the French State, accompanied by corresponding expenditure funds which the State should direct so that the majority of Muslim populations have a stable and profitable job, can study their children and be able to enjoy their pension.

When a Muslim and more generally any person can have this “daily routine of life” that in the West is taken for granted, he does not take radical positions or fight the state establishment or the Western enemy. 

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