Yoshihide Suga is the New Prime Minister of Japan

Yoshihide Suga seventy-one years old, elected by Japan’s Lower House as the country’s new Prime Minister taking the post of resigned, due to health reasons, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe (2012-2020).  In the past he served as Chief Cabinet Secretary (2012-2020) under Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and Minister for Internal Affairs and Communications (2006-2007).

Yoshihide Suga - Wikipedia
The new Prime Minister of Japan Yoshihide Suga Photo by the website https://en.wikipedia.org

Yoshihide Suga had won the Liberal Democratic Party’s intra-party elections by promising to continue his predecessor’s policies, Shinzo Abe (2012-2020). These political guidelines include the continuing policies and goals of the Shinzo Abe administration, including the Abenomics suite of economics policies, the revision of Article 9 of the Japanese Constitution and securing the release of Japanese abductees from North Korea.

Yoshihide Suga received 314 votes out of 462 valid (70%) votes. In the vote held in the Lower House of Parliament, where the Liberal Democratic Party has a majority with its parliamentary ally, the Comey Party.

Both the Liberal Democratic Party and Comey also have a majority in the Upper House of Parliament.

Two days later, he was formally elected Prime Minister by the Diet, and appointed by Emperor Naruhito, making him the first new Prime Minister of the Reiwa era. We wish him every success in his work and to stay in his new post as Prime Minister for long-time.

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