Dante’s Hell over California-USA

The orange-red sky, along with a dense cloud of smoke that limits visibility to a few meters, shows the magnitude of the devastation currently taking place in the most beautiful region of the U.S. and perhaps the planet, California.

So far millions of acres of forest land and more generally millions of acres of woodland have been burned in California, while still the state and federal state apparatus, due to the rapid evolution and change of fires, is not able to calculate the extent of damage to property, the ecosystem and the loss of human lives.

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Wildfires Live Updates: Helicopter Rescue Missions and Power Shutoffs in  California - The New York Times
Wildfires San Francisco from Helicopter Rescue
Photo by the website www.nytimes.com

The long-term consequences will occur in a bad way both in the ecosystems of the burned areas and in the health of citizens due to the giant smoke cloud caused by the fires in the California sky.

The image given by news agencies about San Francisco is disheartening and at the same time characteristic. Looks like someone placed Dante’s Hell on the State of California.

The intense and prolonged drought during the longest period of the year and especially in the summer months, deforestation due to fires that took place in previous years, the intense winds currently blowing in the region, the increase in temperature due to climate change lead every year to catastrophic roads in this beautiful region of the USA. 

The U.S. fire department and forest rangers, respectively, as well as civil protection, are among the most organized bodies on the planet. So, the fact that the most organized state apparatus on the planet cannot contain and cope with the extinguishment of this fire disaster shows us the gigantic magnitude of these devastating fires.

The state and federal governments of California and the United States respectively will have to assist from the very next day in extinguishing the fires in the “restoration” of the lives of those affected and at the same time begin all the necessary flood defenses in the affected areas otherwise winter may appear as a disaster ending that catastrophic left in the middle of this fire.

Everyone’s thoughts are with the victims and their families, but also with the hero forest rangers and more generally the state apparatus that gives everything to save property and human lives.

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