The New Government in Iraq shows the Road of Cooperation between US and Iran

Following six (6) months of non-governmental rule in Iraq, a new Iraqi Prime Minister, Mustafa Al-Kadhimi, has been appointed also by the Iranian-backed Shiite militia.

The formation of this government was made possible after many months of negotiations between Iran and the United States. The rewards for both sides (US-Iran) are that the United States will reduce the economic sanctions imposed on Iran with the consent of Iran to place the specific politician (Mustafa Al Kadhimi) as Prime Minister of the new Iraqi government.

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The new Prime-Minister of Iraq Mustafa Al-Kadhimi
Photo by Author: The Media Office of the Prime-Minister of Iraq

In return, Iran agreed to raise large sums of money to better sustain the wintering Iranian society by imposing its economic blockade on the United States. In addition, Iran has managed to extract in exchange for the US the lifting of the blockade of Iranian financial assets held to date in European banks.

In addition, the United States has agreed to withdraw some of its anti-aircraft and anti-missile protection umbrellas from its ally in the Middle East, Saudi Arabia.

This is especially important given that both countries that indirectly control Iraq (Iran & the United States) can be reconciled. They could be negotiated in the future so that the new Iraqi government implements its pre-election program, while maintaining social peace in the country.

Restoring social peace in Iraq will enable unhindered economic growth to drastically reduce unemployment, especially among young people, as well as migration flows to other countries.

The stronger the new government, the greater the benefits for the people of Iraq and Iran, respectively, and for peace in the region, if Iran makes the most of this new government’s effort without its friends Shiite militia create problems.

Given that the Iranian militias in Iraq, will not creating problems in the background, will allow the United States to gradually reduce to the point of full withdrawal of the imposed economic measures against Iran.

The opportunity must not be missed by either Iraq or Iran.

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