What the Democratic Nominee needs to achieve in order to win the US Presidential Elections

Until the U.S. Presidential Election on November 3, 2020, there are about 200 days remain. The uncertainties that are going to shape the choices of American voters and the result are several, most notably the evolution of the Covid-19 pandemic on American soil and the impact and quarantine on the country’s economy.

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In this process, the Republican party is lining up its candidates who are also vying for the Democrats to successfully face incumbent US President Donald Trump. Sure, each of the democratic nominees has their own political and leadership gifts. But whoever will undertake, whoever he is, will have to achieve the following achievements in a short time:

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The necessary achievements which will have to present the Democratic nominee

The first achievement that incumbent President Donald Trump’s opponent will have to achieve is to unquestionably impose his leadership on the Democratic party and at the same time to rally and unite the Democratic party without allowing the existing political opposition to it to continue.

This is exceedingly difficult to achieve and given that democratic voters are ideologically part of a wide political spectrum that starts from the radical left and reaches the foot of the moderate wing of the Republican party. So, the task is difficult.

The second achievement that the Democratic nominee should achieve is to present a governmental program that is both realistic and always adjustable to the new social situation and especially to the needs of the middle-income class.

Such a government programme, in our opinion, should be based on three main axes of major importance but also in three secondaries but also key axes. More specifically:

Main axes of government programme

1. As for the rapid restart of the economy, due to the lockdown, to deal with the pandemic of Covid-19.

2. The creation of a public health system that moves at a reasonable cost and that includes those who want to participate in it, offering healthcare and medic to the most vulnerable social classes of American society.

3. The creation of a new foreign policy that will return the US to the West and its traditional allies in order to take back its leading international role.

Government programme sub axes

4. To present a coherent environmental plan for the proper treatment of climate change without, however, its implementation causing economic damage to other sectors of the economy.

5. To present ways of dealing with gun ownership and, above all, ways of dealing with the intolerance of the use of weapons against human life.

6. Create a strong social protection net with the emphasis on tackling poverty and extreme poverty that will maintain social cohesion.

The third achievement that the Democratic nominee will have to achieve in a short time is to avoid getting involved in a polarizing election race in any way, given that in this case incumbent US President Donald Trump will be in the best position.

In our opinion, he should be presented with a comprehensive political style that addresses all voters with a programmatic and persuasive speech. At the same time, it should be trained swiftly in an election campaign that is both televised and digital.

The fourth achievement that the Democratic nominee is called upon to achieve is to convince the American electorate that the Democracy he professes does not include uncomprehend demagoguery and is based on respect for the decisions of the country’s institutions, which institutions can cope much better by collaborating among those in future crises.

His fifth achievement will be to bring out early on a shadow cabinet that could as a national unity government achieve all the above. This government of national unity should ensure the participation of progressive Democrats, moderate Republicans as well as the participation of non-political technocrats.

In addition, such a government should be framed with people with specialized technical knowledge, new approaches to the burning problems of American society presenting at the same time innovative solutions.

Whoever the democratic nominee is, he should achieve all the above before the election by proving while he is the right leader to lead the US.

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