Exhibition – Article for Week 13 Feb – 19 Feb, 2020

On this page of our site we will present the most interesting exhibitions in our opinion that take place in the museums of the world. Exhibitions that all interested art lovers are required to know. Art is a huge mosaic spanning from prehistory to the present day. It accompanies man from the beginning of his existence because it is that creative expression that in the art-work captures the mental state, emotions, ideas and visualization of the artist and will always be important in human life because of the magnetism it causes to human emotions by stimulating them.


Superheroes never die. Comics and Jewish memories.

In the Jewish Museum of Belgium in Brussels, the exhibition currently presented focuses on comics and represents the exodus of Jewish intellectuals and artists from Nazi Europe to the US in the 1930s. The comics had been widespread since the 1920’s, but they are in the 1930s that take off.

November 8, 2019 – April 26, 2020


Peter Lindbergh

At Dusseldorf’s Kunst Palast, the exhibition-tribute is presented to fashion photographer Peter Lindbergh. The exhibition offers an extensive, firsthand look at images that are usually short-lived, being mostly commissioned by monthly fashion magazines such as Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Interview, Rolling Stone or W Magazine. Lindbergh, who was born in Poland, was German. He died in September 2019, at the age of 74.

February 5 – June 6, 2020

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