Dr Li Wenliang and the Freedom of Speech in China

The dynamics created by the Mers-CoV or Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus epidemic in China give us an idea of what a state like China can do that uses artificial intelligence technology for mass and individual control respectively of citizens and how the movements of Chinese citizens are emerging a wave of popular discomfort in the control techniques of mass populations implemented by their state.

A central figure in the wave of popular discomfort in terms of citizens towards their state is Dr. Li Wenliang who left his last breath at dawn on Friday, February 07, 2020 in the city of Wuhan, China, which is at the heart of the epidemic.

Dr Li Wenliang using the pontium of Chinese social media had warned his former classmates of the existence of a dangerous virus in the hospital he was working on. After a few days, Chinese law enforcement authorities accused this doctor along with seven other doctors of spreading “illegal and false” news.

Wuhan’s local authorities have been hiding for more than forty-five days the number of cases and the fact that this virus was transmitted from human to human. By February 07, 2020 the virus had sickened 31,211 people in China, killing more than 637 people.

The death of ophthalmologist Dr Li Wenliang caused a wave of emotion and great anger towards the Chinese authorities who have long concealed the truth about the epidemic.

The rage turned into a river of protest, making the slogan “I Want Freedom of Speech” to be heard in its passage. Chinese authorities have begun to wipe out the most aggressive comments to the Government.

Chinese citizens in response to the prohibition practices implemented by the Chinese authorities have massively reproduced Dr Li’s comments to the independent Chinese media (Caixin).  

«A healthy society should not have only one voice» Dr Li Wenliang.

The Chinese government always leaves the door half-open to hearing some criticism to extoll the wrath of Chinese citizens, but it never allows itself to be blamed for anything.

Dr Li Wenliang’s death served in mass anger among citizens, provoking emotion and anger at the manipulation of information, thus overcoming their fears by creating the foundation for the future requirement of guaranteeing freedom of speech as a first step towards the complete liberalization of Chinese society.

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