Hydrogen and the Global Changes that can provoke to Transport

Several leading forces in the global automotive industry believe that the future of self-driving cars is not the electric car market but electric cars that use hydrogen as raw material to move the electric vehicle.

It has been found that cars with hydrogen cells are much better powered because they use the energy generated in the vehicle itself using hydrogen, despite electric cars storing electricity in the lithium-ion batteries to move.

by Thanos S. Chonthrogiannis

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Shuttle Main Engine Test Firing
Photo by NASA, licensed Public Domain

This finding is mainly due to that both the stored hydrogen in the car in terms of energy and weight is better than a lithium-ion battery. This is established when the car is used over long distances.

At the same time, the supply of hydrogen car possesses the advantage of fast recharging in relation to cars using lithium-ion batteries. Therefore, in hydrogen supply points, car queues are never formed and even though the number of hydrogen supply stations is very small.

Hydrogen can be produced by the breakdown of natural gas but also by electrolysis using RES by separating water into hydrogen and oxygen.

Perhaps the future of self-driving cars lies in the use of all kinds of vehicles using energy produced by hydrogen cells.

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