Is it a Pyrrios Victory or a Genius negotiating Trump Strategy the action against Iran?

No one can dispute the fact that the extermination of the most powerful and charismatic major general of Iran (Qassem Suleimani) has enabled the United States to achieve a very powerful blow in peacetime in Iran.

The US message to Iran and in general to all kinds of challengers of US sovereignty in both the Middle East and the rest of the world is that their failures, hesitations and malfunctions in this particular area of the planet do not must be interpreted as signs of weakness and that anyone who dares to directly or indirectly challenge their power will cause slower or faster his extermination.

Surely US President Donald Trump can boast that he did what all his predecessors in the White House from 2001 to 2016 did not dare to do, without causing a generalized war conflict in the Middle East.

One could say that this act is a pyrric victory and that the triumphs lead nowhere, given that Iran has obviously avoided a direct military or other type of rejoinder in order to choose Iran itself when, how and where it will hit (if Iran will knock “down or over the belt”) the USA, keeping the surprise as its advantage.

Iran’s goal is to expel by any means the US military presence in Iraq and Syria and in general in the Middle East, in order to make Iran the dominant geopolitical “player” in the US position in this region of the planet.

Currently in the Shiite majority living in Iraq, the extermination of Iraqi territory not only of the Iranian major General Qassem Suleimani but also of Iraqi civilian and military official Abu Mahdi al Muhandis, has forced the Parliament of Iraq to vote in favour of the removal of US troops in Iraq.

Of course, the United States will not allow this resolution to be implemented and will try to prevent the implementation of this decision that is moving at the expense of their geopolitical interests, through the emergence of a high risk the Iraq of being divided into three different countries, if and when the Iraqi Parliament insists on implementing its resolution.

In other words, the scenario will be shown in a very strong way to separate the territorial integrity of Iraq in a country consisting exclusively of the Shiite population of Iraq, which will be a friendly state to Iran, from the state of Sunnistan who will it consists exclusively of the Sunni population of Iraq and a third state Kurdistan, which will be made up of the population of Kurds living in Iraq.

Essentially, the US will seize the opportunity to implement their plan to change borders in the countries of the Middle East (for more details on the specific project-plan please read the analysis titled«The US Plan to Change Borders in the Middle East»).

But many analysts and diplomats are puzzled vehemently by the fact that President Trump lit the green light for a highly reckless tactical strike without a specific strategic plan following it.

On the one hand, on the initiative of President Trump, the United States is withdrawing from the international agreement on Iran’s nuclear program by imposing harsh economic sanctions to overthrow the Islamic regime in Iran and, on the other hand, the President Trump gives the order for the extermination of Qassem Suleimani, managing to rally all together the Iranians and Shiites equally, while also crowding out any moderate voices that exist in Iranian society.

But one could say that Donald Trump and on the international stage implements the strategy “The art of the Deal” in which according to Donald Trump is the art to reach the other at the extremes and then make a deal at the last moment with him”, because the extermination of the Iranian major General Qassem Suleimani was a very extreme act.

An extreme act which, as we said before, avoided in any way to do both former US Presidents Barack Obama and George Walker Bush respectively, but Israel itself. On the other hand, Iran replied so far within logically, for the US, frameworks. In the next few months, it’ll look like who’s right.

Those who believe that Iran will strike in an even stronger way or those who believe that Iran will be forced to do nothing dicey so that developments lead to a new agreement at the last moment that will abolish the nuclear program of Iran in exchange for the complete lifting of sanctions against Iran, by vindicated Donald Trump’s motto “The Art of the Deal” where it is nothing else to make extreme actions in order to reach the other at the ends and then to make a deal at the last moment with him.” The future will give the answers.

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