Mike Bloomberg: The Game Changer of Democrats

Mike Bloomberg though he slowly entered the race to win the Democratic nomination, has already shot down every election spending record spending around $31 million. But the choice of timing in claiming the Democratic Party’s nomination by the tycoon and 17 times richer (according to the list of Forbes) by current US President Donald Trump, Mr. Mike Bloomberg, it’s not random.

by Thanos S. Chonthrogiannis

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The strategy of Democrats

The candidates so far for the chair of the Democratic Party Presidency Mr. Joe  Biden,  Mr. Bernie  Sanders,  and  Ms. Elizabeth  Warren  and everyone individually for his own reasons show and always based on the poll results that their nominations are not capable of gaining current US President Donald Trump in the US elections of November 2020.

Joe  Biden, in addition to the apparent disadvantage of his age, the disadvantage of having and the other candidate for the nomination of the chair of Democratic Party Presidency of Bernie  Sanders, has the disadvantage of the involvement of the name of his son, who was used as a subject for the possible blackmail of the Ukrainian President by the current President of the United States.

These “disadvantages” create the circumstances of not allowing Joe Biden to gain a significant poll rates advantage over President Trump and since everyone knows that he who exercises executive power (the President) over time presents considerable political deterioration.

In addition, Bernie Sanders presents, as the main pillar of its campaign, the operation of a National Health System program for the entire US population, which, if implemented, will be very unbearable in terms of expenditure on the US federal budget. Policies that do not persuade citizens to change the current polls in favour of Bernie Sanders’s candidacy.

Elizabeth  Warren, the co-candidate for the nomination of the Democratic Party and having so far put forward its tax reform as the main pillar of its political campaign which is in favour of employees and against wealthy citizens, representing in this way the “left wing” of the Democratic Party together with  Bernie  Sanders, not only causes “terror” in the incomes of the rich citizens, but at the same time has adopted with some variations the implementation of the policy of a National Health System without, however, daring to present fully configured out its specific program.

The leaders of the Democratic Party, either openly or with hidden polls, know up to what height can reach poll rates in US society for the candidacy of each of these three candidates, and whether they can win in the November 2020 elections, the current US President Donald Trump.

At the same time, the President  of  the  United  States  House  of  Representatives,  Ms  Nancy  Pelosi, took full advantage of the opportunity that was presented to her by launching all the procedures both in Congress and in the House of Representatives with a view to bringing the current US President to justice and with regard to the issue that came to the surface and concerns the Ukrainian President and the favours that appears to be asking him the President of the United States in relation to the investigation concerned the son of Joe Biden.

This procedure for referring to Donald Trump’s Justice will last at least ten months to complete including the presentation of an irrevocable decision to be made. A development that has further mined the campaign and the moral status of current US President Donald Trump, while creating conditions for disgrouping among the Republican Party’s supporters.

Given that the referral process to the committees of the House of Representatives and in Congress continues and the President Trump will have to decide whether to testify or if he wants to go to trial there was no better timing to claim the Democratic nomination by Mike Bloomberg.

This event was expected to evoke the fury of other candidates for the Democratic nomination as they believe that their own party used them as “rabbits” to make the most critical decisions later and since so far will have been exhausted in terms of persuasion in US society their political programs and their polling rates.

It goes without saying, that if the hidden and obvious polls of the Democratic Party indicated victory air against Donald Trump for one of the three candidates for the nomination of the Democratic Party (Biden,  Sanders  Warren  respectively), the Democrats would not have intended to throw in the battle the candidacy of the respective “heavy artillery” that  Mike  Bloomberg represents for the characteristics that shows the current US President Donald Trump.

In other words, the nomination of Mike  Bloomberg  for the chair of the Presidency of the Democratic Party shows adaptation of the nomination to a candidate whose candidacy presents about the same characteristics as the current US President Donald Trump and not an adaptation to the policies that the candidate is advocating for the chair of the Democratic Party’s Presidency.

Mike Bloomberg

Mike Bloomberg has an impressive CV in the business area, starting from the banking sector and reaching a publishing empire today. In addition, Mike Bloomberg has considerable political experience as he has been elected for three consecutive terms as mayor of New York (2001-2013).

Essentially, Mike Bloomberg because of his political experience and despite being wealthy as Donald Trump does not present himself as the successful aggressive businessman, a feature that the current US President cannot “expel” during his tenure.

In addition, Mike Bloomberg is a philanthropist with a significant amount of donations to various organizations and purposes. He began his political career in the Democratic Party, then switched to the Republican Party by adopting his policies mainly in terms of the economy and the implementation of the  Law  &  Order  policy, and then returned to the Democratic Party where he now descends candidate for the nomination of the Democratic Party.

Why is Mike Bloomberg ‘s candidacy a Game Changer in favour of Democrats

Mike  Bloomberg’s candidacy features make him a  Game Changer in the event that he qualifies for his candidacy to face the current US President Donald Trump in the November 2020 elections. More specifically, Mike Bloomberg:

1. He is much wealthier than the current President Donald Trump. This means that any arguments by Donald Trump about himself as a highly successful businessman in relation to his political opponents cease to apply as was the case against the other candidates for the Democratic nomination.

2. He has three terms as mayor of New York and does not come from a “political family”, so as to attach to him that he is a representative of the deep political establishment as it was in the November 2016 elections, with Donald’s Trump political rival and candidate for the Presidency of the United States, Mr. Hillary Clinton.

3. Mike Bloomberg has knowledge of his fiscal terms as Mayor of New York.

4. Due to his long-standing participation in the Republicans, Mike Bloomberg has conservative positions in both economy and Law enforcement & Order policies equally. Essentially, his political agenda in these matters is identical to the conservative policies that Donald Trump stands for in these matters.

This fact alone is a reassuring factor for a large portion of the Republican Party’s voters who until yesterday feared the possibility of prevalence to the US Presidency of Elizabeth Warren or Bernie Sanders who would impose heavy taxation on their incomes.

5. By itself this above element (See (4)), shows that there are great chances that many Republican voters would vote more easily with Democrats and Mike Bloomberg instead of their own party and Donald Trump, especially the Republicans who are unhappy with Donald Trump.

In other words, we will have a great chance of seeing a move or a percentage grab of the Republican Party by the Democrats and Mike Bloomberg and since Mike Bloomberg will have promised first that he will not hurt the existing tax.

6. The simultaneous progressive views that Mike  Bloomberg has expressed at times in areas such as climate change, firearms, immigration, abortions, etc. give him the advantage of political flexibility, which could be used to curb the Democratic Party’s centralist moderate voters who are currently supporting the candidacy of  Joe  Biden.

7. The only danger that the Democratic Party will face from acquiring the chair of Presidency by Mike Bloomberg is the possible loss of votes coming from the so-called ‘leftist’ wing of the Democrats that currently support the nominations of Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders respectively.

This situation can be reversed and the “leftist” votes in the Democratic Party to remain if Mike Bloomberg and his staff manage to adopt and present as his applied policy a policy agenda for combating poverty at national level.

For example,  the  political  views  of  Michael  Bennet  (Senator  of  Colorado)  as  to  increase  of  the  job  qualifications  and  training  by  investing  the  70%  of  American  workers  who  do  not  hold  college  degree  and  ending  parallel  the  childhood  poverty,  political  positions  very  realistic  without substantially  burdening the  annual  federal  budget,  then  these  “leftist” voters of the Democratic Party will vote for him.

8. On the other hand, both Mike Bloomberg and his staff should present convincing policies to address the migration problem if he wants to increase the poll rates of the Democratic Party in the Central and Southern States of the USA.

Personally, at The Liberal Globe we believe that the only policies that can cope with the U.S. immigration problem with the minimum charge of the US federal budget are not those of the Republican Party. For the reader who wants to find out in detail what these policies are should read the analysis “The Solutions of the Migratory Problem in USA“.

What shows the possibility of pre-election confrontation Bloomberg vs Trump

The disadvantages of Mike  Bloomberg ‘s candidacy lie in the fact that it is presented to the American public opinion that claiming the US Presidency is a very expensive “sport” that only the very wealthy can afford or those who are gifted and at the same time have very wealthy friends to support them.

Mike Bloomberg along with today’s President Donald Trump has a total of election expenses exceeding 2/3 of the total cost of the candidates.

On the other hand, Mike  Bloomberg  and his staff will have to deal with Donald Trump’s powerful argument that only he is capable to put at the same time with the Chinese, the Russians and the EU and he succeeds to win them while driving the US economy in growth orbit. An argument that will be strengthened even further if US President Donald Trump manages to emerge unscathed from his possible referral to justice.

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