Benjamin Netanyahu: Too Cruel to Die Politically

The longest-running Prime Minister in Israel’s history, Benjamin Netanyahu, failed to obtain the much-needed Parliamentary support, with result to face three prosecutions for bribery, fraud and abuse of power equally.

The fact that Benjamin Netanyahu is using a divisive word by imposing on his party (Likud) a hard right-wing line is due to the fact that he does not want to lost in any way the position of Prime Minister which in such a case would mean that he was deposed by the leadership of “Likud”, facing Israeli Justice as a mere civilian.

by Thanos S. Chonthrogiannis

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The political strategy of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

Given his long-standing experience in Israel’s political scene, Benjamin Netanyahu, despite his involvement with Justice, manages to be the only politician who has a specific and detailed edited program on specific issues as to what it must be done. A very important element that makes him stand out from other political opponents whose political programs on the same issues are not so clear.

The Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu
Photo by US Department of State/Source:, Public Domain

Despite the fact that the “Likud” alliance in the elections came a second party in relation with the alliance of the “Blue and White” party of the former general and leader of Benny Gantz, Benjamin Netanyahu with his political tactics that followed all this time succeeded not only to keep the Israeli Republic “hostage” but forced its political opponents to enter into a heap of political errors.

The fact that all this time from the elections of 17th September 2019 to today Benjamin Netanyahu was stubbornly refusing to Benny Gantz and his party “Blue and White” to move the two parties together with the third party in the elections of (Yisrael Beiteinu) to join in the formation of Government of National Unity that would solve Israel a lot of dead ends had the expected result in favour of Benjamin Netanyahu.

The political mistakes of Benny Gantz

The rigid political stance of Benjamin Netanyahu to date to refuse the partnership of a Government of National Unity with “Blue and White” party caused the accumulated indignation of Benny Gantz and the “Blue and White” party’s charges that are eager to take executive power with result in pushing them into engaging in exploratory discussions with the Common List of Arab Parties for forming a government.

This wrong political move provoked the immediate reaction of “Likud”, especially the nationalist portion of Israeli public opinion and, of course, the Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu himself. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu described the party of Common List of Arab parties, “a fifth phalanx supporting terrorism and a betrayal of any political partnership with them”.

This political attack by Benjamin Netanyahu led the leader of the party “Blue and White” Benny Gantz to make the second chain political offense. Fearing that his party would be classified as “betrayal” based on the accusations of his political opponents and instead of so long to elaborate his political program even more by making it clearer and communicating it correctly to the Israeli society, has been directly involved in adopting most of the positions of “Likud’s” political positions and initiatives, indicating that it does not have such a well-crafted alternative political agenda and answers respectively to the various external issues of foreign policy and, in particular, the issues relating to Israeli policy in Gaza, the occupied territories and the settlements respectively.

The undoubtedly successful former General and Chief-of-Staff of the Israeli Armed Forces fell as an unlearned schoolboy in the political trap set up by the politically diverse politician and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Benny Gantz and generally the “Blue and White” party leaders ignored the politics rule that wants politicians to be very patient in order to find the right opportunity to achieve their goals, while at the same time they show irreconcilable positions towards their political opponents to force them into a political mistake which they will exploit it properly.

The election result of 17th September 2019, which does not give the possibility of forming an autonomous government in the two major parties (Blue and White & Likud equally), a polarized and in several cases a divided and politically sensitive society such as that of Israel, do not allow discussions with parties such as the Common List of Arab Parties in order to form a government of cooperation after the elections and since the other parties do not consent with them for their own reasons.

Any debates and discussions should be held before the elections so that there is a clear indication to the electorate of what should be expected, while the party ‘Blue and White’ should fully explaining its positions clearly.

The misguided political move of the “Blue and White” party in adopting the political positions of “Likud” would make sense to make it into another party if and only if the “Blue and White” wanted to weave part of the votes of this party in order to win Parliamentary autonomy in the upcoming elections.

But “Likud’s” voters will never vote for Benny Gantz and the “Blue and White” party to implement their party’s political positions because they simply have their own proven political solution. The very experience politician Benjamin Netanyahu.

The misguided political move by Benny Gantz will only bring disappointment to a large proportion of his followers, who believed that the “Blue and White” party advocates different and alternative approaches and solutions to the hot issues that concern Israeli society and the Middle East in general, removing from the frame of the problems Israel which fully implements the US policy in the region.

The political move of Benny Gantz as long as there are no more as much from him as from the chiefs of the party “Blue and White” really convincing corrective political moves will lead a part of his frustrated voters to steer their votes to either other smaller parties or refrain from the elections as a sign of protest and frustration, while believing that all (the politicians) are the same.

The only corrective political moves now left in the “Blue and White” party are to elaborate with even greater detail and clarity its political program and to communicate it in a correct and convincing way to the whole of the Israeli society.

Otherwise the party’s percentages will be reduced in the forthcoming elections, and since “Likud” manages to rally around its political positions its voters will then be the first party to emerge, still strengthening the position of Benjamin Netanyahu as Prime Minister.

The Netanyahu political phenomenon

The political stance of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu shows so far on his inner-party opponents in “Likud” and his political opponents such as the “Blue and White” party that if he is not the Prime Minister, he will hardly leave anyone another to take his place.

The political strategy of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu from now on is the dismantling in a stable way of his political opponents, forcing them to enter into a chain of political errors by disappointing Israeli public opinion, rallying at the same time around his face and his political positions his party fans, so on the one hand his inner-party opponents cannot challenge him in a well-founded manner, while gaining valuable political time until holding the next elections where he will give, with better conditions for him, “The battle of all battles” for his political survival as Prime Minister.

But so far everyone will have to acknowledge to Benjamin Netanyahu-which in political terms can be described as the old-wolf of Israeli politics-that he knows how to handle and shape very well in his favour the political scene independently of which unfavorable political position he is founded, proving to all his political opponents that he is too cruel to die politically.

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