How Turkey will displace Kurds from its territory using EU funds

The situation in Syria seems to never end as a “thorn” will appear every time, which will not allow the securing and perpetuation of peace in that region of the Middle East.

The problems began with the great idea of the incumbent Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who tried to resurrect the Ottoman Empire, not through the military-style conquest of the then Ottoman Empire territories, but by fundamentally controlling the governments of the Islamic states that constituted the then territories of the Ottoman Empire. Essentially, he wanted to transform as satellites these states through the religion of Islam.

By Thanos S. Chonthrogiannis

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President Erdogan meets with President Donald Trump in the Roosevelt Room at the White House, Washington, DC (2017)
Photo by Author: Shealah Graighead (1976-), Source: Photo of the Day: 5/17/17,
licensed Public Domain,

The initial strategy

Turkey’s unsuccessful attempt began with Turkey’s funding from Qatar and after the events of the Arab Spring (2011) that appeared in the Islamic states of North Africa. Turkey and Qatar ‘s goal was to overthrow the governments of the countries of North Africa and replace them by governments coming from the Muslim brothers’ Sunni parties.

In this way, the reconstruction of the Ottoman Empire would achieve through those states that would have governments from the parties of the Muslim Brothers’. The ideological and spiritual guiding of these governments would be Turkey’s Islamic party of AKP, led by incumbent Turkey President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

In this way, Turkey would have succeeded in transferring the traditional power centres of Islam in Saudi Arabia and Egypt to Turkey and whatever this would mean for the Middle East and North Africa.

Within this framework, which was ensured by the turmoil of the Arab Spring, and after the establishment of the democratically elected Muslim brothers in Egypt failed, it was decided to implement this plan both on the territory of Syria through the overthrow of Syria’s President Assad and Libya by securing the new government to come from Islamic parties.

In today’s day, the officially recognized by EU government of Libya is battling with its troops backed by Turkey against General Haftar’s troops supported by the US, Egypt and Russia.

In 2012, Turkey systematically trained hundreds of thousands of Islamic fundamentalists and sent them to Syria to overthrow Syria’s President Assad, creating and fueling the civil war in Syria, which began when the Syrian army has moved against the Syrian insurgents of the parliamentary opposition.

The “thorn” in this strategy

During these operations, the Syrian Kurds managed to create autonomous areas on the territory of Syria on the border between Turkey and Syria. Syrian Kurds named these autonomous regions as “western areas of the great Kurdistan” and since both sides of the border (Turkey-Syria) there are solid Kurds populations that could in future be merged with these “western areas of the great Kurdistan” and given that there is a territorial and population continuity between them.

In such a scenario the territorial integrity of Turkey would be chopped up having lost a large chunk of its territory by inserting between Syria and Turkey the Kurdistan state.

The new strategy

Given these data, in 2014 Turkey is changing its strategy until then and is trying with the assent of Russia and the US to create a secure zone of 30-40 kilometers in depth within the territory of Syria and starting from the borders of Turkey with Syria. The reasoning of this strategy based on the need to protect Turkish citizens living in Turkish territory and close to the Syrian border.

The argument accompanying the implementation of this Turkish strategy is because in this safe zone within the territory of Syria Turkey intends to build new modern states and houses of course to house all these Syrian refugees living in camps and tents guests on the territory of Turkey. This refugee population of Syrians is estimated at about four million.

In practice, however, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s plan is aimed at clearing the Kurds citizens living in Turkey and near Turkey’s border regions with Syria and transferring them into this security zone that is in the territory of Syria.

Map show de facto cantons in Rojava (western areas of great Kurdistan)(2014)
Photo by Author: Panonian, Source: Own work, licensed Public Domain

Ethnic cleansing in Turkey

By controlling Turkey fully, from 2016 onwards a territorial area of approximately 3500 sqm in the northern part of Syria, unleashes a peaceful type of systematic ethnic cleansing that includes Kurds, Yazidi and Alevites residing in the territory of Turkey and close to the Syrian border.

Silently, in all these places there are seizures of property, terror of the above populations, destruction of sites of religious worship and cultural monuments to erase any ethnic and cultural memory and arrest with imprisonment as terrorists of any reactive.

The achievement of this ethnic cleansing ceases to exist a common Kurdish population continuity, always accompanied by territorial continuity, between the areas of the “western areas of great Kurdistan” in Syria and the respective Kurdish regions in Turkey. In the place of these populations located in the territory of Turkey and which will be transported to the safe zone within Syria, will be settled Sunni Arabs populations.

The causes of pressure on the EU

At the same time, Turkey to reduce the number of Syrian refugees living on its territory is continually increasing the outflow of refugees from its territories to the EU and always through Greece and Bulgaria.

On the other hand, however, to build all these modern states in the safe zone that Turkey controls within the territory of Syria, Turkey needs funds that the Turkish economy does not have. That is why Turkey and its President are asking for funding and logistical support from the EU with a view to building these states and supposedly settle Syrian refugees living in camps in Turkey.

Otherwise, and as the President of Turkey says, if Turkey does not receive these funds that it asks the EU, it threatens to start promoting an ever-greater refugee population to the EU.

But the problem for Turkey to date is that Turkey is receiving this funding to provide housing and food for refugees from the EU, but only through the organizations’ and NGOs officially recognized by the EU and never go to the coffers of Turkish state.

That is why Turkey has created this so-called ‘humanitarian program for the reconstruction of new states’ in order to receive this funding from EU directly to the funds of the Turkish state.

Without also overlooking the fact that all the technical-construction companies that will be used to rebuild these new modern states are controlled by relatives, close friends and fanatical followers of the President of Turkey. Essentially, we have an example where modern enrichment is created without risk on the ruined lives of others.

The EU should not change the way is financed the aid for war refugees and never give direct funds for any reason to the Turkish state. The EU immigration policy that should be implemented should be mutually acceptable to all its member countries.

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