Month: August 2020

Conspiracy Theories and Fake News

Currently, with the flood of information “bombarding” citizens rather than achieving greater and more accurate information, we find that conspiracy theories and Fake News multiply and are accepted by a significant portion of the population. To discern the impact of conspiracy theories and fake news, we must first define the path of “nonsense”. The Influence

How the Negative Consequences of a Project Can Be Avoided

The post Covid-19 era forces all businesses to adapt to the new reality of revising the way they operate with the goal, first their survival and then create value and goodwill. To achieve these goals, businesses design and then implement transformation projects that include the full range of their business. This is true in both

Alexei Navalny: The Political Violence in Russia Grows

Another victim of Political Violence in Russia, which unfortunately has a long tradition of political violence, is Alexei Anatolievich Navalny, the most popular rising figure of the last decade in the field of the Russian Parliamentary Opposition, who unfortunately is fighting for his life in an intensive care ward in a Berlin hospital (Charite Hospital)

The Air of Liberalism conquers Belarus

Alexander Lukashenko, Belarus’s twenty-six-year President and leader, has been agonizing over his rule since the night of 9th August and until today after his “election victory”, because the main streets of many Belarusian cities have been filled with protesters directly contesting his victory in the Presidential elections. Rallies involving 200000 citizens urgently calling for his

Tension grows in Korean ADIZ

The violation of the South Korean KADIZ-Korea Air Defense Identification Zone by Russian fighter jets and bombers respectively continues unabated. On August 19, 2020, six Russian aircraft violated KADIZ, resulting in them being intercepted by South Korean fighter jets. These Russian aircraft then continued to breach the Japanese Reconnaissance/Air Defence Zone, where they were also

Recommended Books Article for the Week 27 August – 2 September 2020

On this page of our site we will present every week the most interesting publications in our opinion that take place in the world. Publications that all interested book and reader lovers are required to know. We introduce publications in the Humanities (Social) sciences as well as in Sciences, literature class respectively etc. “Twilight of

Exhibition Article for the Week 27 August – 2 September 2020

On this page of our site we will present the most interesting exhibitions in our opinion that take place in the specific week in the museums of the world. Exhibitions that all interested art lovers are required to know. Art is a huge mosaic spanning from prehistory to the present day. It accompanies man from

Are They the Winning Duo (Biden-Harris)? Will be Kamala Harris the First Female Vice & President of the United States Equally?

The Democratic presidential candidate, Joe Biden on Tuesday, August 11, 2020, selected the American lawyer, politician and member of the Democratic Party, Kamala Harris, as his candidate and Vice President. Kamala Harris, who has been the rising star of the Democrats, has been California Senator since 2017 and previously served as California’s 32nd attorney general

Turkish Economy Crisis Reflects Turkish Lira Crisis

The Crisis of the Turkish Lira is a direct consequence of the crisis of the Turkish Economy. The fall of Turkey’s national currency continues. In 2016 and specifically before the effort to established a coup in Turkey, the Turkish lira and $USD exchange rate was at USDTRY: 2,93 (June 10, 2016) while last week it

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