Month: April 2020

The New Social Trends and Attitudes in the Face of the Covid-19 Pandemic

The Covid-19 pandemic (Coronavirus) has sparked a global test by laying the foundations for the creation of new social trends and attitudes throughout the world’s societies. As of Friday, April 24, the US recorded 50,243 deaths and 886,709 susceptible cases respectively from Covid-19. Europe presents more than 89000 deaths and more than 809590 susceptible cases.

Artificial Intelligent Evolving on Its Own

Several AI Research & Development Centers are working on the development of The Machine-Learning  research and more specifically in the development of the Auto Machine Learning program  AutoML in which algorithms can be developed that can evolve on their own without human intervention. In addition, they can cause “mutations” in new generations of algorithms, which

Why the President of US is attacking the World Health Organization

US President Donald Trump’s recent verbal attacks on the World Health Organization (WHO) declaring his economic war by cutting off his funding to the US is the culmination of President Trump’s international isolationism policy and summed up behind his campaign slogan “America First.” The US President believes that the WHO knowingly and intentionally did not

The Blow to Global Shipping, Travel and Tourism Industries

Entire economies have been dramatically hit by the enforced lockdown and quarantine respectively to successfully deal with the spread of the Covid-19 (Coronavirus). But there are some sectors of the economy that have been hit even harder and hardest. The global shipping and travel industry are one of those sectors first hit by the crisis

The Homogeneous Consumer Attitude when faced with a Serious Crisis

The current unprecedented crisis experienced by humanity as a result of the Covid-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic brings to the surface a homogeneous consumer behaviour for all citizens of the world. These homogeneous consumer attitudes are the same whether consumers live in Italy (EU), China, US and Australia etc. It is a fact that consumer behaviour is

Recommended Books Article for the Week 23 Apr – 29 Apr 2020

On this page of our site we will present every week the most interesting publications in our opinion that take place in the world. Publications that all interested book and reader lovers are required to know. We introduce publications in the Humanities (Social) sciences as well as in Sciences, literature class respectively etc. “Empire of

Dance Events – Article for the Week 23 Apr – 29 Apr, 2020

On this page of our site we will present the most interesting Dance events in our opinion that take place in the world. Dance Events that all interested dance lovers are required to know. Dance is a performing art form consisting of purposefully selected sequences of human movement. This movement has aesthetic and symbolic value

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