Month: November 2019

The Split of NATO members

NATO’s seventy years birthday will be celebrated at the London summit in December, but not in a festive atmosphere as it will appropriate and given the criticism of French President Emmanuel Macron as to how he sees NATO’s function. Of course, President Macron particular criticism that NATO is “brain-dead” is based on the ever-increasing autonomy

The Verge of European’s People Party

Outgoing President of the European Council and former Polish Prime-Minister Donald Tusk will replace Frenchman Joseph Dal in the European People’s Party (EPP) leadership. This shows the ever-increasing political weight that the Nordic and Eastern member countries of the EU are gaining in the EPP. This is no coincidence since the new Eastern EU member

Cycling tourism: The new growing tourism industry

A constantly rising category of tourists is the sightseers of bicycle-tourists. They are all those passionate travelers who load a certain number of existing clothes and travelling things in cycling bags and move to “enchanting” routes with their bicycles at a slow pace. This category of tourists loves the environment which crosses observing it in

The Enduring Resilience of Liberalism

The end of the Cold War (1991), with the collapse of the Soviet Union (USSR) at the time, constituted a global evolution by changing the course of history indicating for the first time since the end of the Second World War that the absolute but yet unique system of values and institutions on the planet

Bolivia: The Hybrid Coup and the problems that require urgent solutions

The resigning President of Bolivia Juan Evo Morales Αyma (2006-2019), he escaped from Bolivia, having primarily secured political asylum in Mexico and promising his followers that he would return to the country stronger despite the “coup” that the army did with the opposition  and always according to the words of Evo Morales. The army did

The benefits of reducing air pollution due to restrictions on maritime fuels

Air pollution remains one of the most sensitive and painful environmental issues. According to a study published by the World Health Organization and the OECD (2010) environmental air pollution was responsible for about 500000 premature deaths in Europe. An epidemiological study published in Corbett et al 2007 by C. Wang, J. J.  Corbett    titled  “The 

Policies to successfully tackle poverty in Malawi

The Malawi  which is located in South East Africa with a population of 18m is one of the poorest countries on the planet and since the  GDP  per  capita  for the vast majority of the inhabitants is less than $2 per day while a population of 6,7 million people is receiving humanitarian aid to survive.

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