Month: October 2019

Chain explosions of violence on the planet by angry civilians

In Hong-Kong from June until today, China’s patience is being tested by radicalised activists, not daring the Chinese government to implement methods of suppressing mass population. In Iraq for almost a month the country’s youth is on the streets protesting angry over the inadequacy of the rulers, corruption and lack of perspective having killed 150

The Legacy of Super Mario Draghi

Today and officially Mario Draghi delivers the leadership of the ECB to her new president, Christine Lagarde. The achievements of the “Super Mario” of this great ECB leader that functioned during his tenure as a new Charlemagne by ensuring that the euro area unity is implemented in its monetary policies, can be summarised in the

UAE: Ways to stop the dependence of the Economy on oil

The ever-increasing political pressure at global level and the sensitivity of an increasing proportion of citizens on the planet to take immediate measures to slow down climate change for the worse, force the governments of many states which their economies is based on exporting and trading of hydrocarbons to develop alternative industries and markets with

How is achieved the Digital Shielding of a Country and a Company

In this day and age, a country’s cyber-security in protecting its companies and organizations identified as critical infrastructures is the cornerstone for this country to achieve its full transition to the digital age and in such a way that can be fully protected from the action of malicious and directed cyber  lone wolves or cyber

Adjusting Retail Trade due to new Global Consumer Behaviour

The speed of convergence between the countries of the world which is based on constantly evolving technology identifies the transition to another new era that is constantly renewed at a high rate. The rapid adjustment or non-adjustment of countries to the new technological challenges is also the tool of a country that determines whether a

Pax Russica in Syria and perhaps in the whole Middle East

The big winner in Syria appears to be Russia and the Russian President Vladimir Putin. The American promises made with the agreement between Michael Pence and Erdogan are of little importance given the withdrawal of US soldiers from Syria, indicating that the U.S. has been self-marginalized in the region without being able to change the

Policies to reduce Social-Economic Disparities in Chile

Chile’s authorities find it difficult to control the situation amid massive protests, looting, arson and violent incidents from Friday 18/10/2019 where the Chilean government announced the imposition of emergency measures for the most part of country for a period of 15 days. These measures include a curfew in the capital city of Santiago, urging citizens

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