Month: August 2019

Opposition’s UK response to Brexit narrowed

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson strategy of suddenly prolonging the time when the English Parliament is closed has severely restricted the Opposition’s response to its attempt to block Boris Johnson’s Brexit policy without agreement. At the same time the British Prime Minister with this strategy tries to “squeeze” EU in order to give him a

A new Political Coalition in Italy restores a new Government avoiding the Elections

Only fourteen months ago the political coalition of the parties supporting the Italian government lasted. The self-proclaimed anti-systemic parties of the Northern League and the Five Star Movement (M5S) stopped cooperating by supporting the Government of Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte. But last-minute political developments have yielded, and Italy will not have to go to elections

By what Policies will Germany overcome the impending Recession?

The recent announcement to shrink 0.1% of the German economy in the second quarter of the year and for the second consecutive quarter has raised concerns with German economic policy planners about what is ahead as much in the immediate as in long-term future, in tackling the recession that strikes the “door” of the German

Why Unemployment in Southern Europe remains in high levels

When the average annual unemployment rate in the EU is 6,8% and in Eurozone-19 is 8,2% the corresponding unemployment figure for the Southern Euro area member countries is moving to double and now three times (see chart below) and having theoretically exceeded all these member-countries the global financial crisis of 2008. (Source: Eurostat,, 28/08/2019)

The two Faces of India

In 2014, the then Government of India with Prime Minister of Narendra Modi announced the implementation of the campaign titled “Made in India”. This governmental initiative included 25 sectors of Indian economy, in order to encourage companies to manufacture their products in India, while creating new jobs and skills acquisition for the Indian workforce. It

World Political Culture

Political culture is a term consisting of two words which over the years and centuries have been distorted in the consciences of most citizens. Currently, most citizens and the political world of each country define the political culture as the clash of political parties with the goal of winning the election with a “trophy” of

Why does the President of the United States want to buy Greenland?

The recent statements by US President Donald Trump that he wants to buy Greenland from Denmark which is the sovereign state in Greenland, have caused many wonderings and questions and since Greenland is the largest island in the world with very little population due to the particularly difficult climatic conditions prevailing on this island. by

The negative yields on Government Bonds indicate a new forthcoming Recession

The colossal-scale quantitative easing program-colossal sized purchases of government bonds of Eurozone member countries by the ECB-implemented by the ECB during the mid-2010 have resulted in today’s government bonds of most Euro-area member countries and not only to turn to negative yields. But the most worrying fact is that these negative yields on the Eurozone

The Innovative Technology & Digitalization trends in Agro-food Industry

The agricultural production is characterized as the industry with the least percentage of digitalisation at all stages of its production in relation to all other sectors of the economy at both national and global level. In addition to this the Agro-food industry also presents the lowest rate of establishment of newly established-startups-enterprises from all other

Glossary Corporate Finance & Management

The role of this glossary is to present brief definitions of most of the key concepts in corporate finance and management (in total 900 names-definitions) with aim the reader to be able to understand and become familiar with the terminology in the analyses that will present in the category Corporate & Business. Additionally, we hope

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