Month: June 2019

Hong Kong: The Citizens’ Battle for the preservation of the Rule of Law

The hundreds of thousands of citizens who marched on the streets of Hong Kong 15 days ago demonstrated that the Liberal democratic beliefs of the people of Hong Kong remain unchanged and strong despite Hong Kong’s transition (1997) from British domination to Chinese sovereignty. The problem that caused the protests Hong Kong’s long and politically

The 4th Industrial Revolution, the 5G Networks and the Technological War

The 4th Industrial Revolution is at the gates of the societies of developed countries. The 5th generation mobile networks or 5g will cause giant jumps of progress in wireless technology and will change people’s lives fundamentally. The battle between the US and China through the trade war and the blockade of Huawei-the Chinese telecom giant-from

Raytheon and UTC: An Exemplary Merger

On Sunday 9/06/2019, it was announced that two major industries-giants and more specifically Raytheon Company and United Technologies Corporation will merge their activities. The new set up as a company Raytheon and United Technologies will focus its activities on the aerospace industry. Based on the information that was seen in the form and in the

Global Recession, Trade War and Rare Earths

The partial collapse of talks between the US and China on any agreement between the level of tariffs imposed by the US and the exclusion of Huawei, the Chinese telecom and techonlogical giant, from the US market forced the China to use as a last resort the threat of using in the future an embargo

The Challenges of Climate Change and Global Growth

In addition to the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats (ALDE) and the associate to them party of Emmanuel Macron-President of France, the recent EU elections have also highlighted other winners. These were the Green parties that won significant percentages in member countries such as Germany, Finland, Ireland, France and Britain. In Finland and Ireland, the

The Liberal Growth Policy for the Eurozone Economy

The ECB and its implementing monetary policies have so far saved the Eurozone economy. The effectiveness of the policies implemented by the ECB, the almost zero basic euro-borrowing rate and the continued implementation of QE for the creation of artificial growth which will in turn cause inflationary pressures, have been exhausted until now due to

Development Policies for Eurozone Banks and Companies

The ECB’s recent report on the stability of the financial sector in the Eurozone has shown that growth in the Eurozone will continue to move at the same anemic levels, given that the challenges that Eurozone member countries will face due to Brexit and reduced global demand due to the possible escalation of trade wars

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