Month: May 2019

The Prons and Cons of the Merger between FCA and Renault

The recent information that saw the spotlight on the merger between two major European groups of the global automobile industry, namely between the FCA (Fiat Chrysler Automobiles) and Renault, created euphoria in the global automobile community. Given that such a merger would create a global leader group in the automobile sector, solving some of the

Decoding the Policy to date of US President Donald John Trump-Part IV

Will bring the expected results to the US economy the policies to date of US President applied in the political and economical sphere? These questions will be answered in this and last part of our analysis. Why the current US President Donald John Trump’s “Make America Great Again” election slogan found preaching ears among US

The Stance of EU Elections 2019

The European elections of 26 May 2019 are crucial in many respects and given the liquidity of geopolitical developments taking place on the planet, which naturally also affect the EU. Both external and internal problems and the corresponding challenges facing the EU are many and multiple complex in solving them. The Problems and challenges within

The European Shipbuilding Industry in relation to the World Competition

The shipyard and ship manufacturers sector in Europe have been in a continuous decline over the last decade due to the fierce and often unfair competition it receives globally and mainly from fierce competition from the Asian countries. The shipyard industry in Europe generates a total annual turnover of €90 billion while offering nine hundred

Decoding the Policy to date of US President Donald John Trump-Part I

The 45th US President Donald John Trump since January 2017 and until now has brought a big change to the prevailing international relations-which are widely known as the international order-which had been formed after the end of WWII. The culmination of these cosmogenic changes was both the increasingly intense anti-globalization reactions and the US internal

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