Month: February 2019

Political Crises breaking out due to management of Business Corruption by Governments & New Ways to fight corruption globally

The serious political crisis that has recently erupted in Canada has highlighted some ethical questions that apart from all else, make it imperative to create a better framework for protecting companies without affecting the existing degree of competition at international level. Unfortunately, it is customary in the context of the relentless competition that prevails in

The Sustainable Solution for the Eurozone (EU) Economy-Part IV

The introduction of operational in practice rules to tackle unemployment across the Eurozone/EU as a whole, will take place in this fourth and final part (Part IV) of this series of analyses. In addition, we will present the appropriate organizational structure for the fiscal framework proposed by us in the euro area, which has not

The Sustainable Solution for the Eurozone (EU) Economy-Part III

The downsizing of public sector expenditures in central government budgets will must be done by a specific methodology and depending on the range-size of the public sector of the Eurozone (EU) member country.  The policies in order to reduce government spending in the budgets of the central governments of the Eurozone member countries The budgetary

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