Month: October 2018

The Creation of EU Defense and its Defense Forces

Given the competition that exists between both the peoples and their respective states, a state becomes powerful because of the military equipment it holds so that when sometimes require from the circumstances, to be able as much to resort to the use of arms as to flaunt its power. The tools that secure the power

The Solutions to the Migration Problem for USA

As for the USA (United States of America), the immigration flow is coming from two main sources: 1) From the migration flow which is came beyond the sea,2) From the migration flow which is came from the south borders of USA and    specifically from Mexico. Therefore for USA the migration flows can be made

The Solutions to the Migration Problem for the EU-Part II

Taking a brief look at European history, we will find that historically the coasts of the European Mediterranean have been receiving the pressures of Arab Muslim populations. These pressures on the Christian populations that lived on the shores of the European Mediterranean-pressures that was then taking the form of warfare among Christian populations and Arab-Muslims

The Solutions to the Migration Problem for the EU-Part I

All the solutions to the migratory problem proposed in this study are based on two main irreversible axioms: 1) Every person has the right to search-in the whole planet-a better future and a better life as much for himself as for his family. 2) Every society and in extension every state/country has the right to

The Consequences from the World Trade War

The prevalence of free trade principles ensured the hegemony of Great Britain at world level during the 19th and the mid-20th centuries. The conquest of world trade by the USA in the second half of the 20th century, and until to date, it has been achieved by fully implementing the policy of “Open Doors” in

The Cancellation of Brexit and the UK’s stay in EU

During the last two (2) years all the citizens of the world and mainly the citizens both of EU (European Union) and UK (United Kingdom) are following the proceedings of a pre-announced divorce between UK and EU. The processes of this divorce are known, and its costs are shaped until both sides come to an

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