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The Social Capital

“Social Capital” is defined as the networks of interpersonal relationships that connect people with convergent values and aspirations, cooperation, reciprocity, and trust. Strong social capital is linked to societies of cohesion and prosperity, developed public goods and advanced democratic institutions. Robert D. Putnam in his scientific article “Bowling Alone: America’s Declining Social Capital”, Journal of

Fear Causes Obedience

The feeling of fear, which a person alone is unable to cope with the situation it causes, is the strongest feeling in man. At the same time, the state is the highest form of organization of a people and is the only choice and belief that only that as an institution can protect the lives

Globalization is One -Way Road

At the end of Donald Trump’s presidential term, at the same time, the world’s largest self-sufficiency has collapsed. Following the end of the election slogan “America First” that turned into a US presidential term for four years, demonstrating in practice contempt for international institutions, agreements and alliances, Donald Trump’s US is now weakened and “crumpled”

Islam in Europe and Islamophobia

The recent beheading of the French professor by a young Chechen Jihadist as well as the previous knife attack on journalists almost twenty-five days ago, on the occasion of the notorious cartoons of Muhammad, has brought to light that Islam is very difficult to keep up with the Western way of life. Unfortunately, the Liberal

Hong-Kong: Oil Spill In The Ongoing Conflict Between US-China

The recent passage of a security bill by China’s National People’s Assembly on the Hong Kong Autonomous Region has served as a catalyst and a spill of oil in the ongoing conflict between the United States and China. Both the United States and the United Kingdom, along with Japan and Canada and Australia, have reacted

Why Populist Governments Maintain Power for a Long Time Span

The explanation to this phenomenon is due to the model of governance applied by populist governments. This model of governance encompasses four interconnected elements that, when they coincide, highlight a solid mass of voters voting for populists’ leaders. But what are the elements of the populist model of governance? 1. It requires the presence of

The Inevitable Globalisation of Politics

The problems now facing the planet, in addition to being interconnected between them, are several times the complication of the problems and their nature (e.g. Covid-19 pandemic) which make it compulsory to cooperate if not of the whole but of most of the planet. So, just as the problems and their resolution need global cooperation,

Dr Li Wenliang and the Freedom of Speech in China

The dynamics created by the Mers-CoV or Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus epidemic in China give us an idea of what a state like China can do that uses artificial intelligence technology for mass and individual control respectively of citizens and how the movements of Chinese citizens are emerging a wave of popular discomfort in

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