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The Correct Way of Evaluating the Fund Managers of Social Security Funds

It is the Social Security Funds that pay the pensions and pay the health benefits offered by third parties to their insured persons. This is achieved because of the social security contributions paid by insured persons, employers and in some cases by the State respectively throughout the working life of insured persons. Social Security Contributions

The Causes of Stock Market Collapse and Safe Future Investment Refuges

Earlier this week the revelations of the International Consortium of Investigative   Journalists and in collaboration with Buzzfeed on the content of Fin Cen files and always on the laundering of astronomical amounts for more than twenty years by the largest banks in the world gave the “charismatic shot” to stock market indices that over the

The Rise of Chinese Stock Markets and the Risk of a New “Bubble”

The fact that the Chinese economy came out very quickly from the spread of the pandemic and in particular in the first three months of 2020, managing to revoke all the imposed measures of lockdown  and social isolation, justifies as a point the ever-increasing expectations of investors to invest in China, despite the well-known pathologies

The Positive Performance of the US Economy backs the Dollar

American President Donald Trump last week ratified two bills approved by Congress and concerned the defence of the protection of the Hong-Kong demonstrators. These bills, among others, stipulate sanctions against Chinese officials who are involved or will be involved in human rights violations. In addition, reference is made to the imposition of restrictions on the

The negative yields on Government Bonds indicate a new forthcoming Recession

The colossal-scale quantitative easing program-colossal sized purchases of government bonds of Eurozone member countries by the ECB-implemented by the ECB during the mid-2010 have resulted in today’s government bonds of most Euro-area member countries and not only to turn to negative yields. But the most worrying fact is that these negative yields on the Eurozone
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