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The Future of Financial Transactions

The Bank of China, wanting to be a pioneer, may soon introduce an official digital currency (flat currency), creating a new era in the digital economy. This is highly likely as Chinese society operates with almost no money. The number of internet users in China exceeds 900 million with most of them using their mobile

When Does Tapering Start in World Bond Markets from Central Banks

Given that in the developed countries of the world, the EU, the US, Japan, the UK anti-Pandemic Covid-19 vaccination program is progressing rapidly, the eye of governments and officials of these Central Banks is on when to start “tapering” in bond markets. The “tapering” technique is forced in its application and should be done to

Selection of Shares: Technology Companies or Traditional Industries

The recent passage in the Congress of the new $1.9bn “Biden” fiscal package has caused a “frenzy” among investors everywhere, especially those operating on the US stock market. Estimates vary with each financial company trying to create the right momentum for its client-investors so that funds invested during the pandemic in shares of technology and

Structure of The Stock Portfolio during the Economic Recovery Phase

Last week we saw a sell-off in the technology shares of large companies, a fall in the price of gold and a rise (fall) in yields (prices) on government bonds. However, the passage of the $1.9bn “Biden” fiscal package has made investors worried about the expected artificial inflationary pressures that will force central banks to

Increase in Bond Yields: Sign of Expected Growth or Cost Inflation

US President Joe Biden’s fiscal intervention to be used to support the US economy, which is approaching three times the productive gap in the US economy, fiscal program of $1,9trn size, has caused strong turbulence in fixed income markets, triggering a percentage boost in government bond yields on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean. by

Why Demand for Investment in European Bonds Is Growing

The fact that the ECB, through its programmes of the type of quantum easing (QE) and Pandemic Emergency Purchases Program (PEPP) respectively, provides the market with money, making it the main buyer of European government bonds, forces investors to create an informal queue to buy the remaining and smaller volume of European bonds offerings left

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