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The World Maritime and Its Problem with the use of New Fuel

From 01 January 2020 and given the provision of a two-month transitional period of grace, global shipping is required to use the new fuels (LSHFO 0.5%) that have a low content of 0.5% sulphur. But there is a strong concern in world shipping because of the problems that have arisen since the beginning of time

The benefits of reducing air pollution due to restrictions on maritime fuels

Air pollution remains one of the most sensitive and painful environmental issues. According to a study published by the World Health Organization and the OECD (2010) environmental air pollution was responsible for about 500000 premature deaths in Europe. An epidemiological study published in Corbett et al 2007 by C. Wang, J. J.  Corbett    titled  “The 

Adjusting Retail Trade due to new Global Consumer Behaviour

The speed of convergence between the countries of the world which is based on constantly evolving technology identifies the transition to another new era that is constantly renewed at a high rate. The rapid adjustment or non-adjustment of countries to the new technological challenges is also the tool of a country that determines whether a

The Importance of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) for a Company

Currently, investors, when they focus their attention on a business in order to invest in it, are examining also in detail the corporate social responsibility reports of the company under investigation. The corporate social responsibility (CSR) reports reflect all the departments of the company and how they operate in the course of time and always

The Innovative Technology & Digitalization trends in Agro-food Industry

The agricultural production is characterized as the industry with the least percentage of digitalisation at all stages of its production in relation to all other sectors of the economy at both national and global level. In addition to this the Agro-food industry also presents the lowest rate of establishment of newly established-startups-enterprises from all other
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