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The Customer in the Business Focus

The successful fulfillment of the main corporate goal, which is the constantly successful distribution of products and services to the company’s customers, is reflected in the enhanced turnover of the company. At the core of this success is the continuous assurance and upgrading of an excellent customer experience. I am referring to the creation of

Six Times Increased Marine Transport Costs

Fares on certain categories of cargo ships, through which the transport of a range of many everyday consumer products is based, have increased by more than 600% in the last 12 months. Based on Trust Economics research, a cargo ship with a capacity of 6800 TEU (20 feet container) in June 2020 cost, based on

Global Oligopoly in the Semiconductor Market

The fact that today the world economy has a deficit in the supply of semiconductors, is mainly due to the competition of the major economies of the world, ie the USA, EU, China, Japan, etc., the first three of which have raised this issue as a national security issue and the highest importance in terms

Private Equity Funds and the Positive Operation of Them In Sociaties

Investment firms known as Private Equity- PE funds that manage a huge volume of capital expected in the middle of the current decade to exceed $8.5tris have the potential to deliver positive changes for the benefit of global society, achieving at the same time the expected target returns set by these investors. This is mainly

The Leader of a Business

Business leaders are always invited to define the future vision for the company they run, to solve immediate problems whenever and when they arise and of course to be interested not only in the proper functioning and productivity of the company but also in producing the required results that they have set or have been

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