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Cruises without Destination

The attempt by airlines to find methods of “livelihood” – given the failure to find a vaccine for Covid-19 pandemic so that passengers and their customers feel safe again to use their services again – has led them to find and implement very good business ideas. Ideas such as “no-destination flights” first launched by Quanta’s

Merger between Caixa Bank and Bankia creates Spain’s largest bank

The Boards Caixa of Directors of Caixa Bank and the state-owned bank Bankia respectively approved the merger plan between the two banks that would create Spain’s largest bank. The new bank created will have a stock market value of €17bn. It will retain Caixa bank’s brand name and will hold assets of more than €665bn.

How the Negative Consequences of a Project Can Be Avoided

The post Covid-19 era forces all businesses to adapt to the new reality of revising the way they operate with the goal, first their survival and then create value and goodwill. To achieve these goals, businesses design and then implement transformation projects that include the full range of their business. This is true in both

The Challenges in the Energy Sector After the Covid-19 Era

All economic activities were adversely affected by the implementation of measures to tackle the Covid-19 pandemic. The same was the case with the energy sector, which has experienced drastically reduced demand, increasing the feeling of uncertainty among shareholders and investors in such companies-energy producers. According to data from the organization International Energy Agency ( during

Τik-Tok: The New Victim Of USA-China Trade War

US President Donald Trump is using the same arguments he used to limit the action of Chinese company Huawei (telecommunications, 5G) and ZTE (high-tech mobile telephony) in the US market. Another Chinese company-social networking platform with video programs-in turn is accused by the US President of spying on US businesses and the country’s telecommunications. According

EU vs. Apple

The European Court of Justice in its judgment of 15 July 2020 ruled that the evidence provided by the European Commission was insufficient to show that Apple benefited from an artificial reduction in the tax rate in 2014, thus annulling the Commission’s mandate to Apple to pay in Ireland – a member state of the

Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) in the post Covid-19 Era

The epitome of capitalism is the giant Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A), which, in addition to being necessary, are vital because they lead to the organic growth of companies and the redefinition of their strategy. During the Covid-19 pandemic and the implementation of their response measures in developed economies, M&A followed the trend of the time

Survival Guide for Family Business for the post Covid-19 Season

With the emergence of the Covid-19 pandemic,  having been achieved in the first stage to protect human life by limiting the increased number of diseases by implementing measures to limit the spread of the disease, in the second stage the attention of all of us is focused on the survival of our businesses. The survival
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