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How an Economy Adapts to Economic Shutdowns

It is a fundamental fact that anything organic that takes a negative hit, its sensitivity in the first stage must immediately adjust its performance by reducing its activity accordingly. It is then gradually adjusted and when a second or third negative hit is achieved the organic element is fully adapted and works effectively at the

The Eurozone/EU Economy for the forthcoming Decade (2021-2030)

The Eurozone & EU economy equally is expected to start recovering by the end of Q3 2021. But until then the economies of the euro area member countries will be characterized by high budget deficits in their annual government budgets, by high public debts (in some euro area member countries general government debt will exceed

The “Red Dragon” (China) Grows Worldwide

While the Covid-19 pandemic was initiated by China (Wuhan Province) and it appeared that the Chinese government was taken by surprise, the subsequent successful management of the response to the pandemic strengthened Chinese citizens’ confidence in the communist regime of China, increased the national confidence and pride of the Chinese (always comparing it to the

Real Unemployment Risk for the Eurozone (EU) and the US

Real unemployment in both the Eurozone (EU) and the US is the main brake and embankment for expected growth in the US and Eurozone economies, respectively. The figures for official unemployment are a subset of the magnitudes of real unemployment and given that real unemployment is much higher than official unemployment. by Trust Economics- ©The

The Inequality of Borrowing Cost Rates in the Eurozone

The European Central Bank (ECB) recently published data on the borrowing rates of households, businesses and the overall long-term borrowing costs respectively for both the Euro area and each of its member countries (Source: ECB, What continues to trouble us from the graphs below is the fact that a Eurozone of different speeds appears

Why Investments In Gold And Copper Are Huge Wins

Usually the price of gold rises and the price of copper follows the opposite path. The factor that determines the price of gold is the state of a country’s economy but also in today’s world economy. When the economy is in recession, the price of gold rises. In growth the price of gold is falling.

The New Economic Elite of the Planet Highlighted by the Covid-19 Pandemic

The evolution of the Covid-19 pandemic around the globe forcing the majority of governments of the world’s countries to adopt measures of strict social restraint and economic lockdown has resulted in much of the overall economic power being shifted to new powerful economic elites, weakening previous economic elites. By T.C. ©The law of intellectual property

The Projection Of Chinese Economy For 2020

The presence of the pandemic on Chinese soil with the simultaneous expansion of the US-China trade war, which has now turned into a technological, investment and financial war respectively, has been an explosive cocktail that has begun to leave its mark on the Chinese economy. The sharp decline in foreign direct investment in China and
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