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Chinese Imperialism

The applied Chinese Communism, which is nothing more than the applied Marxism-Leninism, succeeded – through its most tragic failures in the first phases of its rule in China, and in 1949, after gaining power in China, faced the greatest famine in human history – to achieve longevity in power by proving that Communism of an

Weakening China’s Role in the Global Supply Chain

US President Donald Trump is promoting China’s isolation from global supply chains on his own initiative under the pretext of China’s malicious handling of the Covid-19 pandemic. Under these US initiatives, the United States is given the opportunity to resume the processing operations of American companies back on American soil in every possible way. The

USA-INDIA: The Enemy of my Enemy is my Friend

US President Donald Trump’s recent visit (February 24-25, 2020) to India and Indian Prime Minister Narendra  Modi’s announcement that India will buy US military equipment totaling $3bn shows that the US and India are trying to tighten relations between them to limit the spread of Chinese influence in Asia and more specifically in the Indian

Is it wrong the strategy of South Korea and USA equally against North Korea?

Since May until today, North Korea has been involved in testing three short-range ballistic missiles. On 3 October it triggered a mid-range ballistic missile between the Korean Peninsula and the Japanese Sea from an underwater vessel. On October 31 North Korea made a successful-always according to North Korea news agency-test of a launch system “multiple

The Fire-retardant Bomb at the foot of the Himalayan Mountains

India’s decision of 5th August to abolish the special regime of political autonomy granted by India to the state of Jammu & Kashmir in which most of its inhabitants are Muslims in religion, threatens the stability of the region very seriously. The state of Jammu & Kashmir when it joined India in October 1947, India
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