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US-EU-China: Tango Exceedingly Difficult for Three

The globalisation of economies combined with the rapid growth of the Chinese economy is causing skepticism in both the US and the EU as its dynamics cannot be ignored or constrained by sanctions measures. The EU considers China’s economic figures to be impressive and China as an economic size helps solve global problems, but no

“America First’s” Doctrine of US President Joe Biden

Contrary to the doctrine of former US President Donald J. Trump, who was also the first to announce and implement the “America First” doctrine, current US President Joe Biden promised to re-open US relations with their European allies, but the “America First” doctrine applies absolutely to his presidency. This is noted by the recent placement

Thorn in U.S. Policy toward China Germany’s Stance

Since the pandemic broke out, China has overtaken the US as Germany’s largest trading partner and has become the largest market for many of its businesses. German factories manufacture the necessary equipment which is the basis for the smooth and continuous operation of many Chinese manufacturing enterprises. That is why German companies are still seeing

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