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US & Russia Contradict Strategies End Up in Compromise in Ukraine Issue

In recent times the whole planet has been horrified by the rapid deployment of Russian forces near the border with Ukraine. But the folding of Russian troops was even faster following Russia’s decision to de-escalation of tension. Russia’s geographical advantage in this hotbed of tension has been instrumental in leading Russia once again in its

The Subject of Ukraine Creates Unrests in EU

The US under Joe Biden’s presidency is trying to curb Russia’s ambitions in Europe. The US strongly supports Ukraine, while pressuring Ukraine’s leadership to implement reforms in the economy and society, fight corruption and end the power of Ukrainian Oligarchs. In addition to its geo-strategic calculations, the US is fighting against free regimes, guaranteeing the

The Reasons Leading to War in Eastern Ukraine

Since the beginning of the new year (2021) there has been a continuous and escalating series of violations of the ceasefire in Eastern Ukraine by both the Russian-speaking separatists of Donetsk and Lugansk and the Ukrainian army, creating an appropriate climate to increase the likelihood of both sides being involved in an open military confrontation.

Erdogan ‘Dictator’: Another Shameful Attitude Towards the EU

The fiasco that took place with Charles Michel-Ursula Von der Leyen’s visit to Turkey follows similar downward attitudes towards the EU, such as Josep Borell’s recent visit to Russia (see analysis entitled «How to Avoid A Repeat of a Devastating Visit by an EU High Representative for Foreign Policy to Russia»). From the Russian Foreign

EU and Middle East in The Post Covid-19 Season

Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Iran are one of the largest population countries in the Middle East and play a leading role in the wider region now adapted to President Joe Biden. EU, after Brexit, sees its influence limited to the region. This gap is now being dynamically filled by France, assisted by Greece and Cyprus,

The Development of the Western Balkans is a matter for the EU

When we refer to the Western Balkans as a single geographical entity, we are essentially referring to the six countries that make up it. More specifically, they are Serbia, Kosovo, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Albania, Montenegro, and Northern Macedonia. EU enlargement to the Western Balkans has long been seen as a response to Brexit, in order to strengthen

How the Nagorno-Karabakh War Everlasted EU Energy Dependence

The deployment of Russian peacekeepers on the Armenian-Azerbaijani front in Nagorno-Karabakh (Republic of Artsakh) restores Russia to the region and transforms both the Republic of Artsakh and Armenia into a new type of depends on Russia. At the same time, the development of the Russian peacekeeping force in the Eastern part of the Republic of

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