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The Cuban Economic Crisis and the Woes of the Cuban People

The toughness of the US embargo has pushed the Cuban economy to its limits. On July 11, thousands of Cubans took part in unprecedented anti-government demonstrations. Shortages of basic goods led to these demonstrations. A speech by Cuban President Miguel-Diaz Cannel has led thousands of voters to demonstrate in defense of the “Revolution”. Revolution is

The Left Is Coming Back to Latin America

In crucial elections (2015-2018) in major Latin American countries, the neoliberal and right-wing politicians respectively emerged victorious (Mauricio Macri-Argentina, Sebastian Pinera-Chile), along with the right-wing Jair Bolsonaro-Brazil, making everyone believe that after the fall of the radical leftist Evo Morales (Bolivia) that the nearly fifteen-year hegemony of the radical version of the Left was over.

El Salvador: Dismissal of All Members Of The Country’s Supreme Court

El Salvador’s political life has been disrupted by a decision by Congress to oust Supreme Court justices who were considered hostile to President Nayib Bukele. The parliamentary opposition called this decision an institutional coup. Given that the incumbent President’s “New Ideas” party holds an absolute majority in the National Assembly, he made this decision after

End of History and Simultaneously Start of History for the Cuba

With the retirement/retirement of 89-year-old Raul Castro, Fidel Castro’s brother who oppressed Cuba for more than sixty years, there is hope for a new shift in the country’s political events. The fact that Cuba is controlled by a Communist Regime means that sooner or later, and we hope quickly, that the air of Liberalism will

Left Party’s First Time Winning Greenland Elections

With all votes counted, the Left-wing Inuit Atagatigiit Party (IA) received 37.42%, defeating the ruling Socialist Siumut Party securing 30.10% of the electorate. (see table below of the election results that took place on 6 April 2021). The IA jumped 11 points compared to the results of the 2018 election. The IA’s main political agenda

Argentina Legalized Abortions

Argentina’s Senate, in a truly historic decision, voted by a majority on Wednesday, December 30, 2020 by a vote of 38 to 29 against, a bill that legalizes abortion until the 14th week of pregnancy and after more than twelve hours of sitting on the issue. The dominant role of the Catholic Church in Argentine

Bolivia’s New Socialist President in Long-Term Balance Exercise

The economist and former Finance Minister Luis Arce with his party ΜAS (Movement for Socialism) and his political alliances ISPS, received 54.5% in «Bolivia’s crucial presidential elections» of 18th October 2020 and was elected New President of Bolivia from the first round dominating the Bolivian political scene for years to come. Luis Arce was the

New Era for Chile: Revision of the Constitution Passed

The increase in the price of the metro ticket at peak times was the start of mass protests that were sparked by the public’s anger against Chile’s elite of all kinds, leading a year later, today, to the current result of the change of Chilean Constitution. Replacing the Constitution, which is a legacy of the

Bolivia: Crucial Presidential Elections

For Bolivia, the Covid-19 pandemic is only one part of the turmoil that has been taking place in this country over the past year; this annual cycle of turmoil consists of a contentious election showdown, deadly looting, the overthrow of the country’s first indigenous President in a coup as his followers claim, the rise to

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