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Italy-Spain: The ‘Tango’ of problems takes two

Both Italy and Spain, two EU member countries with both problems in dealing with the consequences (social and economic) of the Covid-19 pandemic (the number of deaths proportionally to their population )are very high while the fall in GDP for 2020 in both member countries is expected to be double digits.  by Thanos S. Chonthrogiannis

Difficulty in Opening Albania’s EU Accession Negotiations

The Commission may initially want to manage in a package the opening of the accession negotiations in Northern Macedonia and Albania, but this is also difficult given that Bulgaria is reacting strongly to the accession of Northern Macedonia, while for Albania there are member countries such as the Netherlands, the Nordic member countries and France

Europe’s Late Awakening Against Fundamentalist Islam

Perhaps the most targeted and highly graphic description of Islam is given in the book “The River War: An Account of the Request of the Sudan”, Dover Publications, written by one of the most iconic political figures in world history Sir Winston Churchill. I will quote below as is the passage in this book so

New EU-US Cooperation on Global Change and Tackling China

The EU-Commission has  published  a  proposal  entitled   «A New EU-US agenda for global change» which is a twelve-page text proposing to upgrade EU-US cooperation in areas of common public interest, health, technology, strategy and security ( Initially presenting the joint achievements to date e.g. that the EU-US is home to about 1bn people and that

Joe Biden’s Election Victory – Political Defeat for Boris Johnson

US President Donald Trump during his presidency strongly expressed his opposition to the EU and was friends with populist British politician and Brexit campaigner Nigel Faraz – and an ally rather than friend to Brexit supporter current British Prime Minister Boris Johnson. The fact that Donald Trump was in favour of Brexit, reinforcing British Prime

The Air of Liberalism “Blows” in Moldova

In the recent Presidential Elections held in Moldova, most of the Moldovan people decided to vote for a European policy and a European future. This is initially possible with the comfortable dominance of the former Prime Minister Maia Sandu, at the same time causing a humiliating defeat of the Friendly to Russia incumbent President of

Trade Courtship between the UK and Turkey

Behind the scenes of Brexit talks between the EU and the UK, the British government is trying through separate talks to speed up a trade deal with Turkey. But Turkey, for its part, is bound by existing agreements it has made with the EU that bind it by not allowing it to enter a customs
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