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The Verge of European’s People Party

Outgoing President of the European Council and former Polish Prime-Minister Donald Tusk will replace Frenchman Joseph Dal in the European People’s Party (EPP) leadership. This shows the ever-increasing political weight that the Nordic and Eastern member countries of the EU are gaining in the EPP. This is no coincidence since the new Eastern EU member

The Legacy of Super Mario Draghi

Today and officially Mario Draghi delivers the leadership of the ECB to her new president, Christine Lagarde. The achievements of the “Super Mario” of this great ECB leader that functioned during his tenure as a new Charlemagne by ensuring that the euro area unity is implemented in its monetary policies, can be summarised in the

The Introversion Policy of Germany

At the recent EU leaders’ summit, the surprise was not the decision to freeze EU accession talks with the countries of the Western Balkans-Albania and North Macedonia-a development that was expected, but Germany’s stance and particularly the stance of Chancellor Angela Merkel. Diplomatic sources say Chancellor Merkel does not seem to have given a major

The Final Phase of the Brexit

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson adopted the agreement concluded by former Prime Minister Teresa Mae between the UK and the EU but adding specific arrangements for Northern Ireland to resolve the backstop gordian knot, even though this agreement is limited to British interests. The agreement concluded by Boris Johnson and is based entirely on the

Policies to address the Rise of the German Extreme Right-Wing

Last Sunday, the results of the elections in the two states of the former East Germany, Brandenburg and Saxony made interesting and alarming results, respectively. The two major parties of the Federal Government Coalition, namely the Christian Democrats (CDU) and the Social Democrats (SPD) first emerged in Saxony and Brandenburg respectively but with shrinking percentages.

The Challenges that will have to face the new EU leadership

After the May 26th Elections and the July decisions, as the whole of the EU leadership will change in the autumn, the new EU leadership will have to address urgent for solving situations for the next five years in a more general economic, political and geopolitical context. The first challenge The first set of challenges

Opposition’s UK response to Brexit narrowed

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson strategy of suddenly prolonging the time when the English Parliament is closed has severely restricted the Opposition’s response to its attempt to block Boris Johnson’s Brexit policy without agreement. At the same time the British Prime Minister with this strategy tries to “squeeze” EU in order to give him a

A new Political Coalition in Italy restores a new Government avoiding the Elections

Only fourteen months ago the political coalition of the parties supporting the Italian government lasted. The self-proclaimed anti-systemic parties of the Northern League and the Five Star Movement (M5S) stopped cooperating by supporting the Government of Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte. But last-minute political developments have yielded, and Italy will not have to go to elections

Boris Johnson: Brexit at all costs

Based on an internal party procedure involving approximately 160000 members of Tories (British Conservative Party), Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson briefly Known as Boris Johnson, he emerged as Prime Minister of Great Britain. Its emergence further enhances the emergence and conquest of power by controversial figures with populist characteristics with an anti-systemic profile. by Thanos
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