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Germany Against EU

The recent decision of the Constitutional Court of Karlsruhe (Germany), which directly challenges the way the European Central Bank (ECB) has implemented the quantitative easing program since 2014, directly calls into question, among other things, the institution of the European Court of Justice. The European Court of Justice has ruled since 2018 in favor of

ECB’s “Backstabbing” in Tested Italy

The European edifice, called the EU since its inception to date and with the EU’s current colossal euro zone, has relied on solidarity between its member countries creating the conditions for the ‘brotherhood’ of European peoples participating in it with the ultimate future objective of creating at some point the ‘European Nation’ consisting of all

The EU and Germany’s “Backstabbing” in Tested Greece

The EU’s shade of the horror sparked by the COVID-19 epidemic (coronavirus) has wealed and turned the spotlight on the public’s publicity and attention (it is right and reasonable) to the way in which this deadly virus is dealt with, so that does not attention is paid to what is happening in other Eurozone member

Greece: EU Shield in its Migration Problem

Over the past ten days, the EU has proved that it has acquired a powerful political leader-Game Changer in dealing with the migration-refugee problem it faces. This Game Changer is the Prime Minister of Greece Kyriakos Mitsotakis who, with his applied policy, successfully addressed on behalf of Greece and the EU the threats and blackmails of

Sinn Fein flirts with assuming Executive Power in Ireland

Sinn  Fein a  center-left  to  left-wing  Irish  republican  political  party  active  in  both  the  Republic  of  Ireland  and  Northern  Ireland, which has as its central purpose national self-determination and at the same time is the political wing of the Irish Republican Army (IRA) became the first party in the Parliamentary elections on 8 February 2020,

EU-The Green Deal and its Problems

Transforming the EU economy into the first region of the world as a deterrent to climate change is based on concrete actions and initiatives summarized in the Commission’s Program under the name Green Deal. This program was recently presented by Commission President Von der Leyen in the European Parliament. The objectives of the Green Deal

Victory Boris Johnson, Brexit and Scot exit at Full Speed

Boris Johnson after the Conservative Party’s triumph (44.3%) in the elections on Thursday (12/12/2019) in the UK, he is now considered the ultimate sovereign in the UK’s political scene. At the same time, the Labour Party crash and having received a rate of 33% shows that conservative prevalence looks like a decade victory. The Brexit’s
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