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Denmark’s Pioneering Policy (EU) on Migration-Refugee Problem

The leader of the Danish Social Democrats Party and Prime Minister of that EU member country from 2019 to the present day, Mette Frederiksen, and even though in the 2019 elections she formed a one-party government with 25.9% holding 48 seats out of a total of 179 in the Danish Parliament, she has managed to

The Conference on the Future of Europe and the Search for It

The Conference on the Future of Europe opened in Strasbourg on 9 May 2021. Its aim is to create a new dynamic for the EU, by better organizing and filling any institutional gaps that are currently presented, so that young people can turn more interest to it. The conclusions of the Conference will be published

The Annihilation of The Parties of Left Ideology in Europe

The European Left, both as a party and as an ideology, has been following a general decline in EU societies in recent years. The fall of left-wing forces in Europe is mirrored in the seats it holds in the European Parliament. In the 2014 European elections it held 53 seats out of a total of

Super Mario Draghi’s use of the term Dictator for Erdogan

Mario Draghi’s direct use of the term “dictator” for Turkish President Erdogan has been voiced by many Europeans. The anger at the symbolic demotion suffered by the President of the Commission, and in her face by all the women of the world, during her visit to the Palace of the Turkish President represents all European

The Hard Core of the Right Wing in Europe is being consolidated

Following the withdrawal of Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s Fidesz party from the EPP, the foundations have been laid for the creation of a “common and unique” house that will house the political parties of the Traditional right core which at the centre of their political narrative is the defence of the institutions of the

Mark Rutte: The Political Conqueror of Netherlands

Mark Rutte, the more than ten-year in his position Dutch Prime Minister and Leader of the Liberals, once again repeated his victory in national elections in the Netherlands and won his fourth consecutive term. With the momentum presented by Mark Rutte, he is certain to take the place of the EU’s longest-term stateman and political

The EU in front the Spectrum of Social Disobedience

In France, restrictive measures to tackle the Covid-19 pandemic led to a change in the association of political forces. According to recent opinion polls in the newspapers L’Opinion and Le Parisien, French President Emmanuel Macron in an election for the Presidency of France would receive 23%-24% in the first round of the elections compared to

Spain: Unstable Political Scene

The result of the parliamentary elections in Catalonia on 14 February 2021 showed a net change in the electorate in favour of Catalan separatists and the Left, respectively. The first party came the Socialist party of Catalonia with 23% now holding 33 seats in the local parliament. The Socialist Party of Catalonia (PSC-PSOE) received 23.0%

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