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The New Social Trends and Attitudes in the Face of the Covid-19 Pandemic

The Covid-19 pandemic (Coronavirus) has sparked a global test by laying the foundations for the creation of new social trends and attitudes throughout the world’s societies. As of Friday, April 24, the US recorded 50,243 deaths and 886,709 susceptible cases respectively from Covid-19. Europe presents more than 89000 deaths and more than 809590 susceptible cases.

Artificial Intelligent Evolving on Its Own

Several AI Research & Development Centers are working on the development of The Machine-Learning  research and more specifically in the development of the Auto Machine Learning program  AutoML in which algorithms can be developed that can evolve on their own without human intervention. In addition, they can cause “mutations” in new generations of algorithms, which

The Homogeneous Consumer Attitude when faced with a Serious Crisis

The current unprecedented crisis experienced by humanity as a result of the Covid-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic brings to the surface a homogeneous consumer behaviour for all citizens of the world. These homogeneous consumer attitudes are the same whether consumers live in Italy (EU), China, US and Australia etc. It is a fact that consumer behaviour is

Covid-19: The Abolition of Civil Liberties and the Dawn of the Global Governance

The enforced short-term quarantine and lockdown measures already imposed on developed countries on the planet and gradually imposed and/or will be imposed on other countries, in addition to the economic disaster promised by their long-term implementation, make it immediate to impose the abolition of civil liberties in the developed liberal societies of the world. by

The Burnout of Doctors and the Safety Risk for Patients

Recent scientific publications with impressive evidence highlight the problem of the burnout of doctors and make it the number one problem that can have a conceptional impact on public-national health systems (NHS). Long in time surgeries, difficult and stressful work schedules that too often extend due to a lack of the necessary medical staff (in

Democracy and the Dangers that threaten it

The EU, and in particular the European Parliament each year, awards the Sakharov Prize on 10 December (the UN Human Rights Day) instituted in 1988, symbolizing the EU’s distinct emphasis on Freedom of Thought and Human Rights stemming from democracy and how they are promoted in the EU and the rest of the world. by

Cycling tourism: The new growing tourism industry

A constantly rising category of tourists is the sightseers of bicycle-tourists. They are all those passionate travelers who load a certain number of existing clothes and travelling things in cycling bags and move to “enchanting” routes with their bicycles at a slow pace. This category of tourists loves the environment which crosses observing it in

The Individual Freedom and the very Big Brother

The basic objectives of modern liberal democracies are the respect for and safeguarding human rights, the protection of the citizen and his property against various forms of violence occurring in modern societies and of course ensuring individual freedom by applying the rule of law without exception for all citizens. All the efforts of a modern

How illegal Immigrants are helped to return and work in their countries

The EU, in recent years, has made stricter the framework and procedure for asylum applications and procedures through which migrants who enter its territory illegally can apply for asylum. In EU member countries that act as entry gates for immigrants entering in an illegal way such as Greece, the application and asylum procedure exceeds three
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