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Food Prices Are Constantly Rising

Prices in piles of basic raw materials to produce food, packaging materials, furniture and machinery have reached astronomical heights due to increased fares and reduced transport capacity (see analysis entitled “Six Times Increased Marine Transport Costs” and increased demand. In the table below we see how commodity prices have been shaped in the energy, main

Heavy Shadows In The Elderly Care Industry

They are constantly in the spotlight in both Europe and North America (USA, Canada), multiple allegations of elder abuse and misappropriation of their assets. Recently saw the light of day in Greece, an EU member country, a case of a private care structure for the elderly on the island of Crete (Chania), which was essentially

FRA: Victims of Violence in Europe Rise

On Monday 22 February 2021, when the European Day for victims of crime was celebrated, the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights (FRA) ( survey on physical violence, sexual violence, and crime in all its forms was published. Over the past decade it appears that violent people have been increasing with geometric progress globally while

Covax Vaccination Program: Saving the Planet Against Covid-19

Based on the words of UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, addressing the UN Security Council, that ten countries on the planet manage 75% of all vaccinations while one hundred and thirty UN member states do not have a single dose of vaccine at their disposal, it shows that most of the world’s states are at the

Eco-friendly Biofuels (SAF) for Aircrafts of EU Member-Countries

The ministers of eight EU member countries, in particular France, Germany, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, and Spain respectively in a joint communiqué published on 8 February called on the Commission to promote the use of Sustainable Aviation Fuels (SAF) which should be mixed with kerosene to significantly reduce the size of the European

The Personalities Who Starred in The Year Passed (2020)

Joe Biden – Kamala Harris The third time he claimed the US Presidency proved to be the lucky one for Joe Biden. On January 20, 2021, he will take over the reins of the United States, with Kamala Harris as the country’s first female and black Vice President. 78 years-old US President Joe Biden and

The Extinction of The Planet’s Wildlife

The World Wide Fund (WWF) in an official report of the «Living Planet Report 2020» ( points out that in less than half a century (1970-2018) our planet has lost two-thirds of its wildlife and natural ecosystems respectively. Of course, this is due to the usual suspicious factors which are the explosive growth of trade

Dante’s Hell over California-USA

The orange-red sky, along with a dense cloud of smoke that limits visibility to a few meters, shows the magnitude of the devastation currently taking place in the most beautiful region of the U.S. and perhaps the planet, California. So far millions of acres of forest land and more generally millions of acres of woodland

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