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Cycling tourism: The new growing tourism industry

A constantly rising category of tourists is the sightseers of bicycle-tourists. They are all those passionate travelers who load a certain number of existing clothes and travelling things in cycling bags and move to “enchanting” routes with their bicycles at a slow pace. This category of tourists loves the environment which crosses observing it in

The Individual Freedom and the very Big Brother

The basic objectives of modern liberal democracies are the respect for and safeguarding human rights, the protection of the citizen and his property against various forms of violence occurring in modern societies and of course ensuring individual freedom by applying the rule of law without exception for all citizens. All the efforts of a modern

How illegal Immigrants are helped to return and work in their countries

The EU, in recent years, has made stricter the framework and procedure for asylum applications and procedures through which migrants who enter its territory illegally can apply for asylum. In EU member countries that act as entry gates for immigrants entering in an illegal way such as Greece, the application and asylum procedure exceeds three

How to deal with Conspiracy Theories that affect more Citizens

The phenomenon of conspiracy theories is nothing new. But there is no doubt that conspiracy theories in today’s digital age are stronger, more resilient and more painful, affecting more and more citizens. As conspiracy theories are defined all those theories that are given as answers against official interpretations and explanations around a topic in order

How to reverse the Climate Catastrophe

On 09 September 2019 the updated report of the Global Commission on Climate Adaptation was presented in China (Beijing) (Global Commission on Adaptation (GCA)). This committee was created in 2018 and consists of 19 countries, from UN agencies on climate and environment, and from the former UN Secretary-General Ban-Ki-Moon, Bill Gates the founder of Microsoft

Future Global Geopolitical Development due to accelerated Climate Change

Accelerating the pace of climate change that is taking place on our planet has caused discomfort and concern for the largest proportion of global public opinion. The prolonged chronicles heat waves in Northern Europe, the heavy winters that test the resistance of people and infrastructures in North America, the severe floods in Asia and the

The Challenges of Climate Change and Global Growth

In addition to the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats (ALDE) and the associate to them party of Emmanuel Macron-President of France, the recent EU elections have also highlighted other winners. These were the Green parties that won significant percentages in member countries such as Germany, Finland, Ireland, France and Britain. In Finland and Ireland, the

The Far-right Ideology and How it creates Violent Terror

The recent shock caused to global public opinion by the terrorist attack in New Zealand’s Christchurch city on Friday 15/03/2019, outside from the grief for the large number victims and wounded that caused a terrorist-«lone wolf», sets some crucial importance questions in world community that seek direct answers. How, until that day of mayhem, a

The Solutions to the Migration Problem for USA

As for the USA (United States of America), the immigration flow is coming from two main sources: 1) From the migration flow which is came beyond the sea,2) From the migration flow which is came from the south borders of USA and    specifically from Mexico. Therefore for USA the migration flows can be made
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