The State Liquidity Provisions And Their Malfuctions In The Markets

The decisions of the governments of the developed countries of the world to strengthen with state capital all the companies of their countries in a horizontal way, which companies asked for protection against the economic crisis caused by the measures against the pandemic Covid-19, were correct. The problem is the duration of these government liquidity

Why is investing in Gold more advantage?

Gold is one of the most interesting investment choices, especially in times of economic recession, hyperinflation and general social crisis as is currently the case due to the Covid-19 pandemic around the globe. In March, gold price experienced the biggest rise for the past seven years, mainly for two reasons: 1. All the world’s central

The EU’s New Circular Economy

The Action Plan titled “Towards a Sustainable Europe by 2030” presented by the EU Commission on the future EU circular economy, which will be gradually denatured over the next two years, includes many measures at both pan-European and member-country level. We could describe some of these planned plans to make it more understandable as to

The US and its role as the Main Tax Haven around the world

When we refer to Tax Havens around the world, we mean all those countries around the world that offer an impenetrable secret wealth haven that is not taxed. It is commonplace for such tax havens to be countries that are not distinguished by strong economies or industries but base their prosperity solely on what is
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