Capital Markets (Inflation) vs Central Banks (Growth)

Today, and following the progress of vaccination programs in developed economies, the main concern and main argument presented by the capital markets is the expected inflation caused by the rapid recovery which in turn will force the Central Banks to raise their interest rates. The two arguments that dominate the global financial agenda are inflation

When Does Tapering Start in World Bond Markets from Central Banks

Given that in the developed countries of the world, the EU, the US, Japan, the UK anti-Pandemic Covid-19 vaccination program is progressing rapidly, the eye of governments and officials of these Central Banks is on when to start “tapering” in bond markets. The “tapering” technique is forced in its application and should be done to

Tax Incentives to Businesses for Advertising Expenses

To boost consumption and strengthen trade, companies should be given generous tax incentives to carry out advertising costs. For the financial years 2021 and 20221 and with a view to increasing consumption, undertakings should be able, subject to conditions, to deduct tax on their advertising expenditure plus 100%. by Thanos S. Chonthrogiannis ©The law of

Social Tensions and Zombie Companies in the EU

In the Euro-Zone and EU economy in general, two counterbalanced powerful forces are created after the end of the pandemic. On the one hand we have the net potential part of the economy that will include strong capital-intensive companies that will be driven without obstacles to their “green” transformation causing their explosive growth and gaining

Establishing A Global Minimum Corporate Tax Rate in the Wrong Way

The high budgetary costs caused by the covid-19 pandemic, which most countries on the planet and especially western governments face in conjunction with US President Joe Biden’s new US fiscal policy through the announcement of the Infrastructure program and the intensifying US trade confrontation with China, makes it mature to implement the US proposal to

Joe Biden ‘forgot’ American Youth

Joe Biden seems determined to lead the US into the future by driving bold fiscal policies they have achieved in the past. President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s New Deal, which drove the country away from the abyss of the Great Recession in the 1930s, then cost $41.7bn with a flashback and included inflation between then and

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