Real Unemployment Risk for the Eurozone (EU) and the US

Real unemployment in both the Eurozone (EU) and the US is the main brake and embankment for expected growth in the US and Eurozone economies, respectively. The figures for official unemployment are a subset of the magnitudes of real unemployment and given that real unemployment is much higher than official unemployment. by Trust Economics- ©The

The Correct Way of Evaluating the Fund Managers of Social Security Funds

It is the Social Security Funds that pay the pensions and pay the health benefits offered by third parties to their insured persons. This is achieved because of the social security contributions paid by insured persons, employers and in some cases by the State respectively throughout the working life of insured persons. Social Security Contributions

The Causes of Stock Market Collapse and Safe Future Investment Refuges

Earlier this week the revelations of the International Consortium of Investigative   Journalists and in collaboration with Buzzfeed on the content of Fin Cen files and always on the laundering of astronomical amounts for more than twenty years by the largest banks in the world gave the “charismatic shot” to stock market indices that over the

The Inequality of Borrowing Cost Rates in the Eurozone

The European Central Bank (ECB) recently published data on the borrowing rates of households, businesses and the overall long-term borrowing costs respectively for both the Euro area and each of its member countries (Source: ECB, What continues to trouble us from the graphs below is the fact that a Eurozone of different speeds appears

Turkish Economy Crisis Reflects Turkish Lira Crisis

The Crisis of the Turkish Lira is a direct consequence of the crisis of the Turkish Economy. The fall of Turkey’s national currency continues. In 2016 and specifically before the effort to established a coup in Turkey, the Turkish lira and $USD exchange rate was at USDTRY: 2,93 (June 10, 2016) while last week it

The Greatest Fiscal Deal in History

The decision of the Brussels summit is historic given that European leaders have agreed to borrow together on an unprecedented scale for historical data. On 21 July, after five days of continuous consultations, European leaders (27) decided to strengthen the euro and sink spreads, creating a climate of euphoria for investors. However, doubts remain as

The Resilience Of The Philippine Economy

The Philippine economy has so far shown a high degree of resilience to the economic crisis that has hit the planet, both in developed economies and in the economies of developing countries due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The stability of the Philippine currency against the $USD shows its due to the truth as to the
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